Can I Study A-Levels or International-GCSEs Online?

13/05/20225 minute read
Can I Study A-Levels or International-GCSEs Online?

Yes, you can!  Crimson Global Academy (CGA) offers a wide range of A Level and International GCSE courses which are taught fully online, by experienced and outstanding teachers from around the world.

What A levels or International GCSE courses can I take online?

CGA offers a wide range of Online A-Level Courses and International GCSE courses that you can take online.

We are also keen to hear from students who are interested in other courses not on this list – our school is online expanding rapidly, and so the number of subjects that we offer is also increasing continuously.  We offer flexible timetabling so you can fit our courses alongside your other commitments, and we also have a team of staff available to support you in deciding which subjects to take.  We can advise on requirements for university courses and careers in the future. You can study our courses from your home: all content and material for the courses is delivered online.

Does doing A-levels or International GCSE online provide the same qualifications as doing it in a traditional ‘bricks-and mortar’ school?

Yes, the courses and qualifications that students receive are the same.  CGA is fully accredited, and we offer A-Level and International GCSE qualifications with the Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge International examination boards.

Do universities accept online A Level or International GCSE courses?

Yes, our students hold exactly the same qualifications, at A Level or International GCSE, as other students taught in traditional bricks-and—mortar schools, so there is no difference for universities.

How do online A Level or International GCSE courses work?

Teachers deliver lessons online and in real-time, using video conferencing technology.  This means that a class of CGA students will log in to a lesson from their home locations around the world, and the teacher will then deliver the lesson online in a manner very similar to a class in a traditional school.  There will be a range of different activities during the lesson, including explanations from the teacher, practice work for students, group work, investigations, assessments, etc. 

Teachers will also set regular assignments online – these are tasks for students to complete and submit as homework.  At CGA, we also closely track the progress of students. There are regular tests and internal examinations during the course, delivered online so that teachers can build up a detailed picture of the progress that students are making and the support that CGA can provide to help the students to progress even further.

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What are the benefits of taking A levels/IGCSE online?

For students to be successful working online we’ve found that there are two areas which are particularly important.  First, it’s important that students are willing to engage actively in the lesson – to contribute ideas to the learning, to ask and answer questions throughout the lesson, and be actively working with other students on tasks.  These types of interactions during lessons have been critical in allowing students to achieve their best results when working online. 

Secondly, CGA uses a lot of state-of-the-art technology to deliver our education, and students need to be willing to commit some time to become experts in the technology. Of course, both of these skills, in active learning and expert use of technology, are incredibly important as preparation for our students for the future.  Online learning provides CGA students with an outstanding opportunity to develop these skills to an expert level.

How to study A Levels or IGCSEs Online?

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a world-class online school that offers a wider range of A-Level and IGCSE courses that you can take right from home! To get started, download our prospectus or book a free consultation with one of our admissions advisors to learn more!

Crimson Global Academy: A New World-Class Online School

Want To Study The A-Levels Or IGCSEs Online?

Crimson Global Academy offers both part-time and full-time options for students aged 12-18 studying the International GCSE curriculum.