A Parent's Guide to Online Primary School

20/05/202410 minute read
A Parent's Guide to Online Primary School

Are you considering online primary school for your child? Learn everything you need to know to decide. From how online classes work, what subjects are taught, and how personalised education at CGA can support the early foundation of your child's education.

Why Choose Online Primary School?

Online primary school offers a flexible, personalised approach, where education is tailored to meet the individual needs of each child. This learning model provides students with high-quality education from the comfort of their homes, while giving them access to a global community of students and teachers not otherwise found in a traditional school system.

For parents seeking an alternative to traditional schooling, online primary school can cater to various learning styles and schedules, making it an ideal learning option for many families.

How Does Online Primary School Work?

Students attend virtual classrooms where they can interact with their teachers in real-time. Online primary school involves a combination of live, interactive classes and asynchronous learning materials.

The curriculum is designed to be engaging and interactive, using multimedia resources, hands-on activities, and project-based learning to reinforce key concepts. This approach helps to keep students motivated and engaged, while also allowing them to learn at their own pace. A key advantage of online primary classes is that students have access to their own Personalised Education Coach (PEC) who works closely with students and their families to provide support and guidance throughout their studies.

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Online Primary School Roadmap

CGA's Primary School Roadmap prepares students for high school in an online international setting. Starting with online primary classes, students gain the skills and tools needed for a rigorous curriculum in their future academic years.

  • CGA Leap
    (Ages 7-8 years)
    Introduces young learners to core subjects English, Math and Science in an online setting, with part-time, one-to-one instruction.
  • CGA Primary
    (Ages 8-10)
    Focuses on core subject mastery with complimentary World Geography and Computer Science subjects, in preparation for international curricula within a global school.
  • CGA USA Junior High
    (Ages 10-13)
    Students can choose between 1:1 or group classes, available in part-time or full-time, where they begin to further explore academic subjects and new areas of interest.
  • CGA Lower Secondary
    (Ages 10-13)
    Provides a solid foundation in key subject areas to allow students to successfully progress to a full-time IGCSE programme. Curriculum content is based on Pearson Edexcel International Lower Secondary syllabuses.
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Personalised Education Coach (PEC)

One of the benefits of online primary school at CGA is the Personalised Education Coach (PEC). A PEC session provides students with guidance, goal setting, progress monitoring, advocacy, and relationship building, all aimed at supporting the student’s academic growth.

One-on-One Support: PECs work individually with students to tailor their educational experience, addressing their unique strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

Progress Monitoring: PECs regularly check in on students' progress, offering feedback, encouragement, and assistance to ensure academic success.

Reflective Practice: Sessions often involve reflective discussions where the student and PEC review past experiences, challenges, and successes, identifying areas for growth and celebrating achievements.

Advocacy and Support: The PEC acts as an advocate, addressing any concerns or obstacles the student may face and providing guidance and support to navigate challenges effectively.

Empowerment: PECs empower students to become independent learners, improve self-awareness, self-advocacy, and a sense of agency in their educational journey.

Connections: PECs build meaningful relationships with students, offering support and guidance.

Goal Setting: The PEC collaborates with the student to establish both short-term and long-term goals within their courses.

"Doing one-on-one sessions is good because they just focus on you. A couple of weeks after I started doing DaVinci maths I noticed that I had already moved up a group and I was learning a lot more.”

- James, CGA Primary Student

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What Primary School Subjects are Taught Online?

CGA's online primary school offers a curriculum that meets the learning needs of students at different grade levels. Highly qualified teachers use a variety of instructional materials and differentiate learning based on individual student needs. The curriculum prepares students for future academic pathways and is a vital stepping stone for those aiming for international curricula.

Students learn to analyse and classify geometric figures. As they progress, students participate in hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and practical applications. They focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and apply these concepts through models and real-world problems.

Integrates reading, writing, speaking, listening, and the study of vocabulary and grammar. The curriculum covers a range of literature, from fiction and poetry to drama and informational texts. Students learn classic and contemporary literature, developing a broad set of literacy skills that includes critical thinking and analysis.

Science covers physical, life, and earth and space science. Students engage in various experiments, field studies, and systematic observations. They explore natural and human-made objects, understand ecosystems, and learn about physical phenomena through practical experiments and interactive lessons.

World Geography
Students explore both physical and human geography. They learn about the five themes of geography—location, place, region, human-environment interaction, and movement—while studying major world regions.

Computer Science
In computer basics students explore productivity tools like G Suite, creating documents, spreadsheets, and forms for practical applications. They also go on to study online safety, and basic programming.

5 Reasons to Join Online Primary School

Online primary school with CGA offers several advantages over traditional schooling. It's a modern, flexible, and engaging educational experience that prepares students for future success while providing parents with a supportive and transparent learning environment.

Personalised EducationChoose from 1:1 learning or small group classes with tailored education that meets your child's needs.Taught within a one-size-fits-all approach with a class size of 20-30 students 
Focused CurriculumOur curriculum focuses on mastery in core subjects such as English, Maths and Science in preparation for global standards.Curriculums are often constrained by local standards with limited pure subject study
Time and CostEliminate commuting time and hidden expenses like uniforms and textbooks. Enjoy online education from anywhere, freeing up time for other activities.Time wasted commuting to school with hidden costs: school uniform, bus fare, text books, mandatory excursions.
Global CommunityJoin a global network of teachers and students who represent 60 countries around the world.A locally-based community whose perspectives and experiences exist within a narrow prism.
FlexibilityCGA offers flexible timetables and class recordings so students never miss a beat. The 1-1 Da Vinci program offers families the ultimate flexibility with classes booked by the student covering a full year's curriculum in an average of 40 hours per subject.Fixed schedules and limited adaptability.

Ready to Explore Online Primary Classes?

If one-on-one classes, expert teachers and a flexible curriculum still haven’t convinced you if online learning is the right fit for your child, reach out to one of our academic advisors today. Receive personalised guidance and support to ensure you find a learning pathway that suits your child.