When are A-level Exams taken in 2024?

20/12/202311 minute read
When are A-level Exams taken in 2024?

Recognised globally for their rigour and depth, A Levels are a crucial stepping stone for students aiming for top universities. In this blog, we'll explore the nuances of A-Levels, including the exam schedule for 2024, registration details, and why they're a valuable choice for students.

Understanding A-Levels

A-Levels allow students to specialise in subjects they are passionate about, offering an in-depth study that's both challenging and fulfilling. These qualifications are split into two parts: the International AS (IAS) and International A2 (IA2), each contributing to the final A-Level grade. To achieve a complete A-Level qualification, students must successfully complete units from both IAS and IA2.

Why International A-Levels?

Opting for International A-Levels offers several advantages:

  • Specialisation and Depth: Focusing on chosen subjects leads to a profound understanding and mastery.
  • Preparation for University: A-Levels are valued by universities globally, offering students a competitive edge.
  • Flexibility: They allow students to tailor their subjects to align with career goals or explore diverse academic interests.
  • Critical Thinking: A-Levels emphasise analytical and critical thinking, skills crucial for academic and professional success.
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A-Levels Exam Schedule 2024

The A-Levels exams are conducted in three primary sessions:

Students in different regions, such as New Zealand or Australia, should note slight variations in dates, which will be specified by the exams team.

Universities that Recognise A-Levels

Many universities globally recognise and accept A-level qualifications for admissions. Notable institutions include:

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. Harvard University
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  4. Stanford University
  5. University of Melbourne
  6. National University of Singapore (NUS)
  7. Imperial College London
  8. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  9. ETH Zurich

Exam Centres

The Pearson website offers an extensive directory of exam centres. When searching, remember to select 'Edexcel' under the 'Qualification' category (not BTEC). It's important to be aware that while many centres are listed, not all accept private candidates. Therefore, we recommend reaching out to these centres directly to confirm their availability for your specific needs.

To find the most convenient exam centre, a quick Google search for schools near you is highly recommended. Additionally, the British Council website is a valuable resource. It has a widespread presence in numerous countries, accommodates private candidates, and offers a wide range of qualifications. For detailed information and to locate a British Council exam centre in your area, you can visit their website here.

CountryCityExam Centre
AustraliaSunshine CoastMatthew Flinders Anglican College
AustraliaSydneyBritish Council
AustraliaMelbourneCGA Melbourne
ChinaBeijingBritish Council
ChinaShanghaiBritish Council
ChinaGuangzhouBritish Council
New ZealandAucklandCGA
New ZealandChristchurchCGA
New ZealandWanakaMount Aspiring College (CGA)
New ZealandWellingtonMassey University Wellington
South AfricaCape TownTutors and Exams
South AfricaJohannesburgCrimson Community Hub
United Arab EmiratesDubaiBritish Council
United Arab EmiratesAbu DhabiBritish Council
United KingdomLondonTutors and Exams
United KingdomBirminghamTutors and Exams
VietnamHo Chi Minh CityCGA Vietnam
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Registration Process and Deadlines

The registration process for A-Levels is straightforward but demands attention to deadlines:

  • May/June Session: Early March 
  • October/November Session: Mid-August 
  • January Session: Early October

Students should register well in advance to avoid missing these critical deadlines via the British Council.

Exam Pricing

While prices vary globally, it's crucial to remember that exam fees typically rise closer to the exam date and are non-refundable past a certain point.

International A-Levels Unit Fee EntryNormal FeeLate FeeHigh Late Fee
Fee per unit (Science & Mathematics)$135-200 NZD$210-315 NZD$270-405 NZD
Fee per unit (All other objects)$160-240 NZD$260-390 NZD$270-405 NZD

The Importance of 'Cash-Ins' and Resits

The 'cash-in' process is vital in A-Levels. It involves combining marks from individual units taken across different series to calculate the overall grade. Students should ensure their school requests this process before results are issued, especially if they're applying to universities.

Prepare for Success with A-Levels

A-Levels are more than just an academic commitment; they're a journey towards achieving your educational and career goals. With their global recognition and rigorous curriculum, A-Levels equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in higher education and beyond. 

If you're considering A-Levels for your academic journey, now is the time to start planning for 2024. Discover more about A-Levels and how they can shape your future at CGA. Speak to an Academic Advisor today to learn more.