Unveiling Campus Life: Crimson Tours

06/02/20245 minute read
Unveiling Campus Life: Crimson Tours

Embarking on a journey to well-known colleges overseas is a huge step in your child’s life. The choice of which top college to attend is a decision that shapes not only their academic future but also their personal growth and work opportunities. However, most of us only see these remarkable institutions through books, news, websites and tiktok videos.

Having an in-person look at colleges and universities can definitely help their own decision-making process, whilst also offering a unique experience that they will never forget!

What is Crimson Tours?

Crimson Tours provides exactly that, opportunities to tour around the world. Throughout our many tours, we visit and learn at the top educational institutions in the world.

In addition to this, we provide our students with unique educational experiences that build their application and interest in many areas. We visit universities in several unique ways. Sometimes, it is just as a normal alumni tour, but we also make sure to have students connect with Crimson strategists and former students to have a separate degree of insight as they explore colleges.

In addition to this, some tours have a residential stay at the university, such as attending Model United Nations, that provide a truly unique experience. Outside of this, students also have the opportunity to undertake unique company visits, such as Google, NASA and Silicon Valley companies. We of course also visit tourist attractions in the cities we visit to give students a truly holistic view of college life. Overall, this leaves our students full of information and experiences that help drive college applications and ultimately acceptances. 

Hear from one of our students

Mia was one of our CGA students on the HYMUN tour: a tour to Harvard and Yale Model United Nations and to other top universities in Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.

“This tour overwhelmingly helped me to develop as a person. I was able to not only enhance my skills with MUN but also in working and talking with others from across the globe. Being a part of such an incredible and diverse group of individuals and visiting such amazing monuments is an experience I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. I am so lucky to have been a part of it.”

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What trips are upcoming?

West Coast US College Tour

April 14-24 2024 and July 8-19 2024
Visiting the tech hubs of the world, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and visiting the universities and companies in this region. Highlights include Berkley, UCLA, Caltech along with a Crimson Bootcamp and visits to Silicon Valley. 

UK and EU Discovery Tour

April 15-27 2024
The tour starts with visiting London, Oxford and Cambridge and all the top universities on the way. Afterwards we will travel to Paris and Amsterdam, and visit some universities that offer excellent English language programs.

Ivy League Discovery Tour

July 15-27 2024
We start off in the West Coast USA in San Francisco and Los Angeles, but then travel over to Boston, New York and New Haven. This is truly the best place to see some of the top universities in the world.

Who should come?

Any student that is aiming to attend some of the top universities in the world that is intrigued by what institutions actually look like. Be prepared to:

  • Gain firsthand insights into college life and culture;
  • Interact with alumni, Crimson strategists and industry professionals from top universities;
  • Forge lifelong friendships with peers from around the world;
  • Gain valuable experience to aid in your college application process. 

Ready to turbocharge your college journey? Don't miss out! Contact our Academic Advisor for details on how to book in one of our tours.