CGA's Aoraki Prize Giving 2023

06/12/20237 minute read
CGA's Aoraki Prize Giving 2023

On a memorable evening of December 1st, the CGA community - encompassing students, parents, and staff - gathered to celebrate the end of the school year with our Aoraki Prize Giving ceremony. This event was a heartfelt celebration of our students’ dedication, hard work, and remarkable achievements over the past year.

Prize Giving at CGA goes beyond mere accolades. It's a time-honored tradition that honors our students' achievements in a myriad of areas, ranging from academics and sports to technology and community service. More than that, it’s a reflection of their growth, learning, and perseverance.

Embracing Every Talent

The Prize Giving ceremony stands as a testament to CGA's ethos - our unwavering commitment to holistic education. It underscores the importance we place on balancing academic rigor with personal development and community engagement. At CGA, we believe in creating an environment that values every talent and recognises every effort.

Extracurricular Excellence Awards

At the heart of the Prize Giving ceremony were the Extracurricular Excellence Awards, a segment dedicated to celebrating the varied and impressive talents of our students. These awards highlighted achievements that spanned a wide range of disciplines, reflecting the diverse interests and skills within our student body.

Technological Innovation and Development Award - Luna H
Celebrating students excelling in technology and digital innovation, showcasing creativity, technical skills, and achievements in programming, game development, and digital design.

Global and Economic Insight Award - Hanae T
Recognising contributions to understanding global dynamics, economic principles, and international relations, through simulations, discussions, and impactful projects.

Community Outreach and Social Responsibility Award - Dora C
Honoring students actively engaged in community service, social initiatives, and raising social awareness, emphasizing community engagement and mental health awareness.

Creative and Entrepreneurial Spirit Award - Leilani O & Oscar G
Acknowledging students combining business acumen with creative skills, demonstrating innovation, originality, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Sporting Excellence Award - Max G, Georgia R, Charlotte M, Faatima C, Ioanna P
Celebrating outstanding achievements in sports, recognising skill, sportsmanship, and dedication.

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Academic Awards

Academic Achievement Awards: Awarded per subject to students placed first in their course.

The Academic Achievement Awards, an integral part of the Prize Giving ceremony, were dedicated to acknowledging the students who achieved first place in their respective courses. These awards were a recognition of academic excellence across various levels of study at CGA.

Pre IG Stage 1 February 2023 starters:

English Language - Georgia R
Mathematics - Yuua K
Commerce - Sam H
Science - Bella B
Global Citizenship - Bella B
Computer Science - Bella B

Pre IG Stage 2 February 2023 starters:

English - Anu G
Mathematics - Isabella C
Science - Devin K
Computer Science - Sera N
Global Citizenship - Josie B
Commerce - Josie B

Pre IG Stage 1 May 2023 starters:

English Language - Chloe L                   
Mathematics - Aussie L
Science - Eshiel N

Pre IG Stage 2 May 2023 starters:

English Literature - Olive V
Mathematics - Eloise C
Science - Claire Z

IGCSE  February 2023 starters:

Computer Science - Jayden S
Economics - Hanae T
English Literature - Bea M
French - Max G
History - Sophie U
Mathematics - Arielle R
English Language - Holly M   
Environmental Management - Holly M
Psychology - Holly M
Biology - Rikuto W
Business - Rikuto W
Chemistry - Rikuto W
Physics - Rikuto W

AS February 2023 starters:

Biology - Ram R
Chemistry - Ram R
Economics - Bernie M
English Language - Seven G
English Literature - Marisa S
History - Faatimah C
Mathematics - Rikuto W
Physics - Felicity L
Psychology - Rosanne L

A2 February 2023 starters:

Biology - Kowshi O
Business - Erin I
History - Roxy D
Chemistry - Jasmine W
Further Mathematics - Jasmine W
Mathematics - Fynn B
Physics - Fynn B
Economics - Jade S
English Literature - Jade S 
Psychology - Jade S

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High Distinction Awards: For students who have consistently performed at the highest level across multiple subjects.

Pre IG stage 1 - Bella B
Pre IG stage 2 - Josie B
iGCSE - Rikuto W and Holly M
AS - Ram R
A2 - Jasmine W, Fynn B and Jade S

School Awards

Service to School: Hanae T
Recognising a student who has energetically contributed to a wide range of activities, supporting and strengthening our community.

All Rounder: Jade S
Honoring students who have made significant contributions across various aspects of CGA life and community engagement.

Dux: Jade S and Jasmine W
The premier award for the student(s) with the highest overall ranking in academic achievement for the graduating year.

Musical Performances

In addition to the awards, our ceremony was enriched by stunning musical performances, highlighting the artistic talents within our community:

  • Sonata in A 1st Movement by Mendelssohn, performed by Arien H
  • "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid, performed by Manami N
  • The Avengers - CGA Online Band: A first for our school, brilliantly organised by Malachi N, showcasing our students' collaborative and creative musical skills.
  • Found/Tonight: Performed by Malachi N and Emma M.
  • Piece of Peace Club's Under the Sky Project: A video organised by Hanae T featuring Malachi N and Emma M performing "We Are the World", a testament to the power of music in bringing people together.

These performances were not just entertainment; they were a celebration of the artistic expression and passion of our students. They remind us that the arts are a vital part of our educational experience, providing a platform for students to express themselves creatively and connect with others.

Bright Futures Await at CGA

That's a wrap on our Prize Giving highlights! It's amazing to see the range of talents and accomplishments across our student body. At CGA, we're more than just an online school, we're a community where each student's success is our collective celebration.

Curious to hear more about the online learning experience from our students themselves? Check out their stories and get a feel for the vibrant, supportive atmosphere we nurture here, or Speak to an Academic Advisor today to learn how your child can get started at CGA!