CGA’s Year in Review

29/11/20234 minute read
CGA’s Year in Review

Let's celebrate! Join us as we look back on an eventful year at Crimson Global Academy (CGA), filled with innovative learning, significant growth, and strengthened global connections.

CGA by the Numbers

1300 Students and Counting: This year, we reached over 1300 students – Did you know that's enough to fill 6.5 Boeing planes!

125 Graduates: Our graduates stand out for their global connectedness, comprehensive knowledge, and readiness for success in college, career, and life.
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70 Countries Represented: The diversity and enthusiasm of our student body are the heart of CGA. This year, we had students from 70 countries, with the top five being New Zealand, Australia, Japan, the United States, and South Africa.
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20 Student Leaders: We proudly had 20 dynamic student leaders representing diverse areas such as Arts & Culture, Social Life, Academics, and ECLs, bringing a wealth of inspiration and innovation to our community.

21 Student-Led Clubs: Our students established a range of student led clubs across a diverse stream of areas - from Art to Language all the way to Lego and Ted-Ed.

An Unprecedented Year of Learning and Achieving

368,990 Hours of Learning: Yes, you read that right! Our students dedicated an impressive 368,990 hours to their studies. That's like studying non-stop for over 42 years! Talk about dedication and passion for learning.

5,271 Hours in Virtual Classrooms: Our students embraced the world of online learning, clocking in thousands of hours in virtual classrooms. Spanning different time zones, they proved that education knows no boundaries and that meaningful learning can happen anywhere, anytime.

79,500 Badges Earned: Students around the world have earned 79,500 badges with the student house Elon representing the most badges with students earning over 19,000! Each badge earned is a milestone in our students' educational journey, symbolising their hard work, skill mastery, and personal growth. These badges aren't just digital tokens; they're emblems of our students' perseverance and achievements.
Discover the CGA Badge System.

13 Career Fair Talks Hosted: This year saw us host 13 engaging Career Fair Talks, uniting over 350 attendees in enriching discussions and networking opportunities.

Most Popular Talk: Our talk on 'Mastering Soft Skills for Tomorrow's Success' emerged as the most popular careers fair event, resonating with attendees eager to prepare for the future.

A Glimpse Into Student Interests

At CGA, the most popular subjects reflect our students' diverse interests and their eagerness to engage with challenging, enriching content. Here’s a look at the top three:

1. International GCSE Mathematics: Covering a comprehensive range of topics, from number systems to statistics, this subject lays a solid foundation in mathematical concepts.

2. International A Level Mathematics: Focused on deepening mathematical understanding, this course encourages students to enjoy the process of learning, reasoning, and proof construction.

3. iGCSE English Literature: Through classic literary works, students explore rich language and themes, developing a profound appreciation for literature.

Embracing Sustainability in Education

At CGA, we're not just about shaping the future through education; we're also committed to preserving the planet. Here's how we did it:

Saved 13 Pine Trees: Thanks to our paperless assignments our eco-friendly practices led to saving 13 pine trees. It's a small step with a big impact, showing how digital learning can contribute to forest conservation.

Decreased Our Carbon Footprint: By embracing online learning, CGA families collectively saved around 216,667 liters of petrol. This significant reduction in commuting not only saved time but also drastically cut down on emissions, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Reduced 1.3 metric tons of textile waste: Let's talk about school uniforms, or rather, the absence of them. By not requiring traditional uniforms, we avoided creating 1.3 metric tons of textile waste. That's equivalent to the weight of a fully grown elephant!