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Why Crimson Global Academy?

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a world-class online high school designed for ambitious students.

At CGA, we recognise that traditional education often falls short in nurturing students' full academic and personal growth. Whether constrained by school limitations, disrupted by behavioural issues, or restricted by a local curriculum, students yearn for an education that truly meets their aspirations.

Here at CGA we address these challenges:

Enrolment Based on Ability
Enrolment Based on Ability

CGA places students in courses based on their ability rather than age, ensuring that every learner is appropriately challenged and engaged.

Flexible Enrolment and Acceleration
Flexible Enrolment and Acceleration

We offer flexible enrolment options throughout the year and acceleration for students who excel, allowing them to progress at a pace that matches their capabilities.

Motivated Learning Environment
Motivated Learning Environment

CGA students are distinguished by their motivation and eagerness to learn, creating a stimulating environment that encourages achievement.

International Curriculum
International Curriculum

CGA offers a choice, or a combination of international curricula, including the IB, AP courses, and A-Levels, allowing students to customise their educational journey.

Expert Teachers
Expert Teachers

Our faculty comprises subject specialists who are passionately committed to teaching, ensuring that CGA students benefit from instruction that is engaging, effective, and enriching.

university guidance
University Guidance

CGA provides guidance for students applying to universities worldwide, offering personalised advice on selection, application preparation, and strategies for securing admissions and scholarships.

Who should partner with Crimson Global Academy?

Our partnerships are ideal for professionals and organisations focused on recommending high-quality educational pathways, assisting families in transition, supporting students with special needs, and expanding access to international curricula.

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Retain Your Best Athletes with CGA

At CGA we help student athletes worldwide fulfil their full potential with flexible, high quality education. Your athletes can tailor their learning to their training schedule, get expert sports scholarship advice for US universities and focus on their club sports.

Partnering with CGA gives you the chance to not only retain your best athletes but also attract new members from our student body in a mutual referral program.

Why CGA for Athletes?

Crimson Global Academy offers a flexible and supportive educational environment tailored for athletes, enabling them to excel academically while pursuing their sporting ambitions.

  • Flexible scheduling accommodates training.
  • Personalised coaching supports both academics and sports.
  • Private tuition for tailored learning experiences.
  • Interactive small group classes fit athletes' schedules.
  • Comprehensive support for academic and athletic balance.
  • Internationally recognized curricula for global opportunities.
  • Guidance for securing US university sports scholarships.
  • Optimised for athletes balancing education with sports commitments.
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