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As a truly borderless institution, inspiring events and passionate students are constantly in motion at Crimson Global Academy.
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CGA Stories

CGA Stories: Anastasia

Meet Anastasia, part-time student at CGA based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Anastasia loves the flexibility CGA offers, and how she can dedicate her time to her personal interests such as performing arts.

Learning at CGA: Geography

CGA student, Gemma, went on a trip to the Muriwai coastline to look at coastal processes and to investigate how it was developed through longshore drift and sand movement counting.

CGA Stories: James

Meet CGA student James. Here James talks about his experience studying at CGA and how he has embraced every opportunity the school has to offer.

CGA Stories: Devaansh

Meet CGA student, Devaansh. He joined CGA to accelerate in core subjects. With part-time classes, Devaansh is able to go beyond what he learns in his traditional school.

CGA Prizegiving July 2022

CGA hosted a prizegiving to mark our students' achievements in academics, extracurricular and leadership activities in 2022.

CGA Stories: Eva

Meet CGA student, Eva. CGA allows Eva to pursue her passion for the arts while studying with top teachers so she does not miss out on academics.

What keeps Freya motivated?

It isn't always easy to stay motivated. Here are 4 things that help Freya, a full-time student at CGA, stay on top of her game and go the distance.

Open Day
CGA Global Open Day June 19, 2022

This will be your opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes at an online school.

CGA Stories: Gemma

Gemma decided to join Crimson Global Academy because of the broad international curriculum the school offers. Hear her story!

Principal's Update on Ukraine

It is with immense sadness and disbelief that our entire school community watches and listens to the unfathomable events taking place in the Ukraine.

CGA Stories: Alison

Meet one of our students, Alison, from Bristol, UK. She joined CGA to extend herself and have the opportunity to study further and deeper in her subject of choice - Math.

CGA Stories: Karin

Meet one of our students, Karin. Karin joined CGA because she wanted to extend herself and have the opportunity to study further and deeper.

CGA Prizegiving
CGA Prizegiving December 2021

CGA held its end-of-year prizegiving ceremony to award the academic and extracurricular achievements of our students.

Math club
For the love of numbers: CGA's Math Club

If you love your math classes and numbers interest you, our Math Club is the perfect place for you to expand on your passion.

Mark Vella
Why I Joined CGA by Mark Vella

Mark Vella is the Director of Studies at CGA. Here is talks about his journey in education and why he joined CGA.

dr daniel
CGA Classroom Adventures

Join a virtual CGA class as 10 students from around the world calculate the height of the mountain in Wales.

cga teachers
Happy World Teacher's Day 2021!

At CGA, we greatly value our dedicated teachers who work tirelessly to ensure our students get the best virtual learning experience.

CGA's Digital Architects

At CGA, students are working hard to improve their coding skills and gain the knowledge to prepare them for the future.

John Morris
Why I Joined CGA by John Morris

CGA Executive Principal John Morris talks about his own educational background and why he joined CGA.

CGA Stories: Manato

CGA allows Manato to study at a pace where he feels challenged; whilst being able to pursue his passion for football.

CGA Blog
CGA's First Prizegiving!

It was a historic night as Crimson Global Academy hosted its first ever prizegiving ceremony to celebrate the success of its students.

CGA Blog
CGA Stories: Jade

- Introducing Jade Jade is 14, lives in Kerikeri, New Zealand, and chose CGA because she wanted to be challenged and have access to...

CGA Blog
CGA Stories: Gavin

- Introducing Gavin Gavin is 15, lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and is a part-time student at Crimson Global Academy...

CGA Blog
CGA Stories: Max

- Meet CGA student, Max CGA allows Max to study at a pace where he feels challenged; whilst being able to live an amazing life in Wanaka...

CGA Stories: Ibrahim

Get to know Ibrahim and follow his academic & extracurricular success. Read more to learn about his experience at CGA.

CGA Stories: Yuko

Yuko chose Crimson Global Academy to give her an edge on achieving her dreams and goals. Read her story to find out more about her CGA experience.


9 Top Tips for Successful Exams

The exam season comes with stress, anxiety, burnout and the serious need to maintain a balanced approach to life. Of course, a little stress can be a good thing as it can be the motivational push that we need to get things done. Here are some handy tips that can dissipate stress and make sure you get through the stressful exam season.

CGA's Parent Portal

CGA is committed to providing an optimized online learning environment for our students and families. For parents we want to ensure they have visibility over how their child is performing and where they can help out.

Can I Study A-Levels or International-GCSEs Online?

Yes, you can! Crimson Global Academy (CGA) offers a wide range of A Level and International GCSE courses which are taught fully online, by experienced and outstanding teachers from around the world.

Top tips for students who underperform in exams

Cambridge International’s research team have reviewed the evidence about the strategies that help students to do well in exams and put together some handy hints to support your students to achieve success in their tests.

How many AP classes should I take?

Read on to learn about the benefits of AP classes, how many to take, and how international students can access AP curricula from anywhere in the world!

home school
How can you home school?

Home schooling has become a hot topic lately. Many parents choose to home school. See how CGA can help your child reach their maximum academic potential.

Why should you take additional A Levels

Are you looking for ways to improve your chances of getting a place on a competitive university course? This article explains what CGA can do to help you!

International GCSE vs Domestic GCSE: Key Differences

Learn about the three key differences between the domestic and International GCSEs and how they stack up for university admissions.

Why are extracurricular activities important?

At CGA we aim for the holistic development of our students both inside and outside the classroom by offering a range of extracurricular activities. Learn why these activities are important for you.

How to prepare for university admissions

CGA helps prepare students for one of the most important milestones in life - admission to their dream university. We help you all along the process to ensure you don't miss any opportunities.

Online learning
Online Learning Decoded

Do you have questions about online learning and how schools like Crimson Global Academy teach? This article will help answer some of your questions on what it means to study online.

Online school
What is online school?

Learn how online school is different from distance learning, home schooling, or blended learning.

Volunteer Club
Volunteer Club

If you want to give back to society through a variety of causes, the Volunteer Club is the place for you.

How do I study for the International GCSEs?

The International GCSE exams are the first milestone students have to cross in their academic journey. Learn how to study for them.

A Levels
10 Tips to Ace Your A Level Exam Results

Alexander Pentchev excelled in his A Levels and has outlined the top 10 tips (and a few mini tips) for you to do the same.

Model UN
Model UN

The CGA Model UN club helps students take the next step from their global classroom to a forum of discussion on important world issues.

Web dev club
Learn, Create and Network

At CGA we encourage students to develop their interests outside the classroom by offering a variety of extracurricular activities.

How to study science online

Recent CGA graduate Fatima Sourkatti shares her experience of studying science subjects online and some study tips.

How to get an A in A Level Biology

Achieving success with the A-Level Biology exams can be challenging, and the team at CGA is here to share some tips for those wanting to succeed!

Study like a champion! Learn how to ace your A Level results.

Although everyone has a slightly different way of studying, below are some tips that helped CGA star student Yuhan through her subjects for A Levels.

Game Development
Gamer's Paradise: Learning to develop video games with CGA

What if you could develop your own games, apps or websites that could be later monetized? If those are your interests then the 3D Game Development Club is for you.

A Level IB AP
A Level, AP or IB: Which curriculum is right for you?

How do the top three international curricula compare on course structure, assessments and grading? Knowing this can help choose the one that's right for you.

A Level English
Comparing English Language and Literature

One of the most commonly-studied A Level subjects are English Literature and Language. However, there is a substantial difference between the two courses.

CGA Blog
All About the International GCSEs

- International GCSE and A Levels are an educational pathway available in some of the top high schools in New Zealand. A lot of the student...

CGA Blog
All About the International A-Levels

- International A Levels are an educational pathway available in some of the top high schools in New Zealand. Many studying this pathway wi...

CGA Blog
Curriculum Choices: Globally Recognised?

- Most people are familiar with the three established high school education systems in New Zealand: NCEA, Cambridge (CAIE, formerly CIE) an...

CGA Blog
Curriculum Choices: The Exams

- Love it or hate it, everyone has strong opinions about exams and assessments. The exams and assessments you do differ greatly by what cur...

CGA Blog
Curriculum Choices: The Content

- Getting good grades, balancing extracurriculars with academics, maintaining a social life, and getting enough sleep… high school can be a...

CGA Blog
Secrets of Subject Selection

- High school is all about making good choices. Who to be friends with? What sports to play? What extracurriculars to be involved in?...

Essays and Interviews

Socializing at CGA

At the recently-held CGA Global Open Day, our full time students Yuko and Taya talk about socializing while being online completely.

Why online school is better

At the recently-held CGA Global Open Day, founder Jamie Beaton talked about the five problems CGA helps solve for students looking for a quality education. Read on to find out why an online school is better than a traditional school.

what is cga
Importance of Pastoral Care

At CGA we have a very strong belief in the close link between education and health. Good pastoral care is a fundamental aspect of effective schools.

what is cga
What is the perfect learning environment?

Watch below to hear more from our CMO, AJ Tills, on the importance of a world-class learning environment and how it can help students in rural areas.

Seven myths of online education

AJ Tills talks about the seven myths of online education and how CGA is addressing these issues.

Jamie Beaton
What sets CGA apart?

Jamie Beaton, the co-founder and CEO of Crimson Global Academy, is a true education visionary. At the recent CGA Open Day he talked about what 5 issues CGA aims to resolve.

5 reasons education is important

Amy Kunrojpanya the VP of communications Asia Pacific at Netflix, talks about how education the benefits and importance of education and the role it has played in changing her life

Investment Club
CGA's Investment Club

If you are interested in money markets and want to know how to grow your investment portfolio then the Investment Club is right for you.

CGA Blog
A Conversation with Stanford Online High School's Dr. Hoshi

CGA head student Yuko Nagakura recently sat down to speak with the head of Stanford Online High School, Dr. Hoshi, on his advice for online high school students.

Bob Fan
All about university admissions with CGA counselor Bob Fan

CGA student Ibrahim Imtiaz spoke to university admissions counselor Bob Fan on how students should prepare for their future.

CGA Blog
Tradition and Innovation in Education

Crimson Global Academy uses cutting edge technology to deliver online education which also includes the very best aspects of traditional teaching to students anywhere in the world.

CGA Blog
7 ways tech has changed the face of education

- Technology is part of our every day, making working and private life more enjoyable, more connected and more efficient. The same is true for education, where the possibilities...

CGA Blog
Why diversity and inclusion in the classroom matter

- Diversity and inclusion – which means including those from different cultural, geographic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds, with differing...

CGA Blog
AI - a new era in education

- Artificial intelligence – AI – is no longer the stuff of science fiction. It’s already changing the way we teach and learn – for the better. It facilitates personalisation at scale based on...

CGA Blog
The Growing Role of Technology in Schools

- Education has been an active front runner amongst the various sectors that have had to rely on technology to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarantine and social distancing...

CGA Blog
3 Things Shaping the Future of Online Learning

- Over most of the past year, schools around the world have had to quickly shift from learning in classrooms to learning online due to...

CGA Blog
John Morris on COVID: An Educational Disruption Or A Catalyst For Change?

- The COVID-19 crisis has forced school closures in 188 countries, heavily disrupting the learning process of more than 1.7 billion students and curbing educational...

CGA Blog
Meet the Principals - John Morris

- In this mini-series, we get to know the Principals at Crimson Global Academy. Meet John Morris, ONZM, our Executive Principal. John’s many achievements include...

CGA Blog
Meet the Principals - Mark Phillips

- In this mini-series, we get to know the Principals at Crimson Global Academy. Meet our Principal, Mark Philips. Mark is deeply committed to helping students...

CGA Blog
What the COVID Lockdown Taught Us About Online Learning

- As New Zealand moves to Level 2 after 7 long weeks in lockdown, we know students and families up and down the country will be breathing s...