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CGA Flex

Introducing the future of flexible learning with CGA Flex! Empowering students to master US Diploma and AP courses on their own schedule.

A revolutionary way for students to study on their own terms.

CGA Flex is an adaptable program for highly motivated students to schedule their own learning in line with the school term calendar.

Students get access to recorded content from live classes every week, homework and reading materials, and 1:1 check-ins with a personalised education coach. With a time commitment of around 5 hours per week, students will earn a full credit course upon successful completion of all learning activities.

From AP Courses to the US High School Diploma, CGA Flex has a wide range of subjects to choose from.

“I believe in online education and its ability to meet students where they are and help move them forward.” - Brittanie Bates, Principal US Diploma Pathway

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What makes CGA Flex stand out?

CGA Flex equips students with the essential tools to achieve academic excellence:

Access to assignments on Canvas

Stay on top of coursework with easy access to assignments, resources, and study materials.

Class recordings

Access the recordings on-demand to learn and revise content. Available after the live class takes place each week.

Timely submission

Submit your work on Canvas to stay on track and make the most of your learning journey.

Instructors' feedback

Receive helpful feedback and grades from your classroom instructor to refine your skills and knowledge.

Live support from your Personalised Education Coach (PEC)

With CGA Flex, you're not alone on your educational journey. Our Personalised Education Coaches (PEC) are here to guide you every step of the way and you can receive up to 30 hours of one-on-one coaching.

Once a week, you'll meet with your dedicated PEC to:

  • Review your course progress
  • Discuss your overall educational needs
  • Plan and organise your weekly tasks for success

Your PEC is your advocate, ensuring that your learning experience aligns with your aspirations, and they are committed to your success.

If they notice a lack of progress, like two missed assignments or more than two consecutive class sessions within a 30-day period, they’ll ask you to join live sessions to stay accountable to your learning goals.


Discover the benefits of CGA Flex

From an exceptional curriculum to flexible scheduling, recognized credits, and a thriving community, CGA Flex offers a holistic approach to learning that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

Curriculum and Support

Get access to engaging class content and grades and feedback from your teacher, as well as 1:1 support from a Personalised Education Coach who will monitor your progress to help you succeed.

Flexible scheduling

With class recordings and homework provided, you can set up your own schedule to suit your unique needs.

Class credits

At the successful completion of a course, you’ll receive full class credits as you would if you were attending live sessions.

Community and extracurriculars

Participate in CGA’s active community and take advantage of extracurricular activities and regular online and in-person events to meet classmates and make new friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of student is suited for CGA Flex?

CGA Flex is available to any student looking for a flexible scheduling option. For example, you can be already enrolled in an in-person high school, a student athlete or someone looking for an extra challenge!

What happens if I fall behind?

If we notice that you’ve missed two assignments in a row or two classes in a 30-day period, we’ll ask you to join our live session to ensure accountability. If you continue to fall behind, you could fail the course.

Can I take more than one class?

Yes! Click here to view a full range of our subject offerings.

Can I also enrol in other CGA programs?

Yes. If you’re interested in more intensive, live one-on-one studies like DaVinci or if you want to join live group classes through AP courses or the full US Diploma pathway, please contact us for more information.