CGA Students University Admission Results 2022-23

20 DEC 2022

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) has had a successful early round of university admissions with several of its recent graduating cohort receiving acceptances into top universities. The UK universities and recent Oxbridge acceptances have also been a successful round for CGA with two full-time CGA students getting accepted into Cambridge and a part-time student getting accepted into Oxford for Medicine. It is an impressive accomplishment to be accepted into a prestigious institution, and these students should be proud of their hard work and dedication to their education.

University offers received by full-time CGA students

  • Nastasya Anokhina from Russia accepted to Cambridge for Computer Science. She also received offers from the University of Leeds and Imperial College London.
  • Yamon Kiuchi from Japan accepted to the University of Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as the University of Manchester.
  • Hakkei Sekine from Japan accepted to Minerva University.
  • Nawaf Al Balushi accepted to the University of Manchester and received an unconditional offer from King's College for Physics.
  • Anan Huang from China accepted to the University of Manchester.
  • Bailey Mulvey from Spain accepted to the University of Edinburgh for Law.
  • Kevin Chen, from China and based in New Zealand, accepted to University of Durham.
  • Ayane Miura from Japan received an unconditional offer for biological sciences (Zoology) from the University of Edinburgh.

University offers received by part-time CGA students

  • Leo Lu from Australia got into Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College
  • Gavin Chi from New Zealand, accepted to NYU for Economics. He was also accepted to Loyola Marymount and USF.
  • Rohan Srivastava from Australia accepted UPenn, Wharton School of Business.
  • Norie Hirai from Japan accepted to Columbia University.
  • Anna Hutchens from New Zealand accepted to Oxford for Medicine.
  • Benji Witters from New Zealand accepted to Cambridge.

CGA congratulates all of these students on their acceptances and wish them the best of luck as they begin their studies.

The regular round of US and Ivy League admissions is still to come later this year. We expect to see many similar results from such an amazing year of applicants.

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