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Social Life and Wellbeing

A Community Where Every Student Can Flourish

At Crimson Global Academy (CGA), we prioritize the social and emotional well-being of our students. We understand that a thriving social life and a supportive environment are crucial elements for academic success and personal growth.

To achieve this, we offer a suite of resources meticulously designed to ensure our students feel fully supported throughout their educational journey.

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Social Engagement In The Classroom & Beyond

At CGA, we are offer a range of opportunities for parents and students to connect with each other and our team.

A typical year at CGA provides a full roster of interactive and engaging moments for our students to feel part of a thriving community.

Join extracurriculars and clubs

Our diverse range of school and student-led clubs foster social connection, leadership skills and creativity where students can develop in different areas of interest.

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Meet other students and socialise on Slack

Engage in our vibrant online community, where students can interact with one another, share experiences, and socialize on our interactive Slack platform.

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Attend career and university guidance sessions

Explore endless opportunities through academic, extracurricular, and career networks, guiding you towards a path tailored to your ambitions with support from our CGA counselors.

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Connect with your peers

Students can join diverse social events, both in-person and online, to build lasting friendships and exchange ideas with fellow CGA students.

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CGA Social Days

We take great pride in hosting CGA Social Days — a hybrid event for our local students and parents to come together in person and to connect online with others from around the world.

It offers a unique chance for our students to experience the vibrant atmosphere of our school firsthand.

Pastoral Care

CGA offers a unique pastoral care network, providing the community, social counseling, and support services of a traditional school. Led by our Deans and a qualified psychologist, our staff is trained to assist students through social challenges, emphasizing health and well-being.

Through our global network, we conduct regular social development programs and offer private, confidential counseling sessions. Our pastoral care program aims to guide, advise, and nurture students while intervening in times of need, empowering them to tackle life's challenges with confidence.

Meet Our Guidance Counselor

Jan Blair, CGA's experienced school counselor, guides and supports students in overcoming personal challenges. Jan addresses various issues, from anxiety and stress to relationships and life transitions.

All sessions with Jan are confidential, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for students' well-being and growth.

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Community Hubs​

Through Crimson Education-owned facilities and partnerships with institutes, CGA students have access to study spaces, meeting rooms, science laboratories, social activities (such as theatre, dance and sports facilities) and examination centres. With our student meet-up excursions, students build lasting friendships and connections with their peers and mentors.
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A Vibrant Parent Community

CGA parents are welcomed to join us in global, bi-monthly Parent Information Sessions where they can hear from each other and our school leaders. Typical topics include Academic updates, upcoming social initiatives and university pathway insights and tips.

  • Come along to student meet-ups
  • Join regular parent meeting sessions
  • Attend special parent events

At the local level, we invite parents to enjoy our student meet-ups by carving out time for themselves to also meet and get to know other CGA parents.

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Join The Online School That Fosters Meaningful Connection

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I engage with teachers and management?

We encourage students and their parents to direct any questions directly to the relevant teacher or Dean through the various methods provided: email, office hours, phone call and more. Students will also have access to their tutors regarding academic queries. If the matter requires escalation, then the Principal or Deputy Principal should be contacted.

Is CGA a safe and inclusive environment?

CGA will ensure that all students will be provided with a safe learning environment.

CGA has experienced and talented teachers and specialist counselling staff who have worked in many of the best schools in NZ and across the world.

How does CGA guard against cyberbullying?

All CGA classes are recorded for the protection of students. The school has robust policies regarding the inappropriate use of the online space. The students will be inducted into the school’s expectations of behaviour.

Will there be a school counsellor?

Yes. Students will attend group classes on important social development topics. Students will also have private access to a trained counsellor when required.