What is Pre-International GCSE?

The Pre-International GCSE is an online programme developed for 12-14 year olds that provides a knowledge base for the academically rigorous International GCSEs. The programme is specifically designed for CGA by our teachers based on Pearson’s iLowerSecondary curriculum. There are two stages in the programme with Stage 1 serving as a foundation for Stage 2. Formative assessments prepare students for an internal examination at the end of the course.


The International GCSE classes course is suitable for students 12-14 years old. In some countries students divide studies over two years.


The Pre-IG courses can be taken as a full-time or part-time option along with other subjects. Students can also take a combination of levels at CGA.


Each stage of the Pre-IG course is a one-year class with an internal examination at the end of the course.

Basis of what you will learn in Pre-IG Math

Maths is an important part of everyday life. You will study numbers and number systems; equations, formulae and identities; sequences, functions and graphs; geometry and trigonometry; vectors and transformation geometry; and statistics and probability. Students of Mathematics frequently progress into degree courses in Mathematics, The Sciences, Computing, Economics, Astronomy and Engineering.


  • Banking
  • Investment Analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Chartered Accountant

Meet your educator

John Heselton

John is a UK trained mathematics teacher based in New Zealand. He received his Bachelor's in Computer Engineering and spent several years in engineering before completing a post-graduate course in Project Management and moving from the field to the project office. After about ten years, he retrained completing his PGCE Mathematics and Masters in Education. 

John Heselton


A class of diverse, international students and a community of like-minded peers.


A 24/7 global timetable to suit multiple timezones worldwide.


Top-tier teachers selected for engagement, inspiration and results.

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