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Our pay-per-subject fee structure covers all costs of our year long academic courses. Enrollment, equipment, exam and extracurricular costs may be additional.
International GCSE (Part-time) International GCSE (per annum) (Full-time) International GCSE (per annum)
1 SubjectR26,000
2 SubjectsR52,000
3 SubjectsR76,596
4 SubjectsR100,422R100,422
5 SubjectsR123,500
6 SubjectsR143,520
7 SubjectsR163,800
8 SubjectsR178,298
Additional International GCSE subjectsR17,420
International AS/A Level (Part-time) Cost per annum (ZAR) (Full-time) Cost per annum (ZAR)
1 SubjectR28,000
2 SubjectsR59,100
3 SubjectsR85,500R85,500
4 SubjectsR112,008
5 SubjectsR136,965
6 SubjectsR160,000
Additional subjectsR21,000
Additional subject tutoring (optional) Pricing per year (ZAR)
20 hours per yearR18,500
Other costs Fee
ICT equipment fee for headset and camera Own cost- See CGA's iStore link
Exam Centre Fees (once-only payment per exam session). Exam sessions are: January/Feb, May/June and Oct/Nov. Variable: set by examination centres
International GCSE Examination fees (per exam) Approx. R1,200 per subject
International AS or A Level Examination fee (per exam)Approx. R1,200 per subject
Course specific feesVariable
Textbooks and course related materialsVariable, own cost
Extracurricular activities (optional)Variable

Policies and Notes

All pricing is per subject except for one-off costs (including our enrollment fee).

Full-time: For students who wish for a fully immersive online experience. Typically 5+ International GCSE subjects and 3+ AS/A level subjects.

Part-time: For students enrolled in other schools or home-schooled students taking additional subjects. Typically 1 – 4 International GCSE subjects and 1 – 3 AS/A level subjects

Our International GCSE, AS and A-Level academic courses are all one-year long. If you were to complete all three courses towards the International A-Level qualification (in a single respective subject) with Crimson Global Academy the total cost incurred would include the individual costs of each of the three involved courses. However, you would not be expected to pay the full fees upfront.

If a student is enrolled at a traditional brick and mortar school, they will still be considered a part-time student with CGA even if they do more than the standard full-time course load of 4+ subjects (20+ hours of instruction time per week) with us. Government regulations in most regions stipulate that a student can only be enrolled to one school in a full-time capacity.

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Part-time & Full-time Categorisation

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