Why CGA is the Ideal Choice for Gifted Students: A Parent's Perspective

22/02/20233 minute read
Why CGA is the Ideal Choice for Gifted Students: A Parent's Perspective

As a parent of an ambitious student, finding the right school to match your child's abilities and potential can be a challenge. For Sage’s parents, finding a school that offered competency-based learning for their child who excels in verbal domain subjects with more typical of-age achievement in math & sciences was a struggle. That was until they discovered Crimson Global Academy (CGA).

We sat down with Sage’s parents to find out more.

Q: What challenges did you face before joining CGA?

A: We found that our local bricks-and-mortar school didn’t think it was important or required to support Sage with advanced learning. There was the perception that unlike Math, there was no possible reason to provide acceleration in English. There was no acknowledgement that deep text analysis & formal essay writing are taught and practised, and that receiving an appropriate level of instruction & dialogue makes a profound difference.

Q: Why did you join CGA?

A: We became interested in CGA because of the accelerated learning it offers, and the flexibility in terms of the number and varied levels of courses as well as the option to either join part-time or full-time. What finally convinced us to join was after attending an online trial History class, which Sage loved and I was very impressed by. Sage was placed into a class which was effectively 2.5 years accelerated and went on to win the academic prize for their cohort.

Q:  What is the best experience you’ve had with CGA so far?

A: One of the best experiences Sage has had at CGA was the incredible teaching she received in all her subjects and succeeding in the subjects which was considered not her strong suits.

Q: Is there a specific teacher that has significantly contributed to your child’s success?

A: Sage has had excellent teachers in every class. CGA has had the highest rate of exceptional teaching my family has ever experienced, but she particularly loved Kate Thompson and Alpna Sood.

Q:  Would you recommend CGA to others?

A: I have more than once recommended CGA to other families who are seeking an option for their child which provides flexible course load and/or advanced learning.

Sage is now thriving academically and has gained confidence in her abilities.

Learn Based on Your Agility, Not Age

CGA’s mission is to broaden international access to high-quality education through technology, ensuring that each student that leaves the school has the belief and the tools to accomplish their goals.

44% of CGA students are studying in accelerated classes, relative to their school year level. CGA challenges students with rigorous, reputable and internationally recognised curricula, and provides access to experienced teachers that have helped students gain admissions to the world's most elite universities and pastoral care support to ensure students are reaching their full potential.

CGA is accredited by Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment to offer the International GCSEs and A-Levels, as well as by College Board to offer the Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum. The academy is also a  Cambridge International School.

Students can enrol full-time or take classes part-time in addition to attending their local high school, giving them access to a broader range of subjects and curriculums on a flexible schedule.