Hear From Our Alumni: Rosie's CGA Experience

18/12/20235 minute read
Hear From Our Alumni: Rosie's CGA Experience

Rosie's journey at Crimson Global Academy (CGA) began with a significant shift from her prior educational experiences at a bilingual school. With the help of CGA she was able to bridge the learning gap and excel academically and personally. Rosie is now studying at a top dental school in Malaysia - a dream come true. Let's hear what made her experience at CGA so unique.

The CGA Difference

What stood out for Rosie at CGA was the personalised teaching approach made possible by small class sizes. She reflects, "Teachers at CGA understand strengths and weaknesses of each student, then give personal feedback and support." This tailored guidance, coupled with the flexibility of online learning, allowed Rosie to delve deeper into her field of interest — dentistry — while balancing extracurricular activities.

A Supportive Learning Environment

At CGA, Rosie found an encouraging and collaborative atmosphere, thanks to the support from both teachers and peers. She shares her experience of reaching out to teachers, "After class, I can just email my teacher any question I have when completing my homework, and they will guide me to the right answer." This accessibility and willingness to help are cornerstones of the supportive environment at CGA.

Rosie attributes a significant part of her academic success to her teachers at CGA. Expressing her gratitude, she says, "My Chemistry and Biology teachers are great educators that not only helped me achieve my A* but also encouraged me to continue pursuing my dream."

Building Community in an Online Setting

Despite the challenges of fostering a community in an online school, CGA succeeded in providing Rosie with opportunities for social interaction. She fondly recalls, "CGA also organises meet-up events for students based in the same country, where they get to know one another through bonding activities such as escape rooms," highlighting how CGA bridges the virtual gap to build a strong sense of community among its students.

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Personal Growth: A Journey to Confidence

CGA's educational approach significantly impacted Rosie's personal development. She credits the school for her newfound confidence, stating, "The way of teaching and learning at CGA has encouraged me to ask more questions without hesitation and express my ideas more freely."

Rosie's time at CGA was marked by notable academic achievements. She proudly mentions, "After my AS year I received the Principal’s Commendation for my commitment and progress in developing my practical skills in Chemistry." These moments of recognition were pivotal in reinforcing her confidence and dedication to her studies.

Preparing for the Future: University and Beyond

CGA played a crucial role in preparing Rosie for her future aspirations. The guidance she received from CGA's university counselor opened up various pathways for her, helping her navigate through her options and solidify her plans. Rosie appreciates this comprehensive support, stating, "By having a chat with CGA's university counselor, I was able to explore different options available for me."

Rosie's journey to securing her place in a top dental school in Malaysia was a testament to her resilience. "I received an offer letter from a dental school in Australia and one from a twinning program in Malaysia. I chose to accept the offer from the dental school in Malaysia as the school offers me the opportunity to transfer to my dream school." She navigated through the competitive admissions process and ultimately received offers from prestigious institutions. This experience underlines the rigorous preparation and support provided by CGA.

CGA: A Recommended Pathway for Success

Rosie highly recommends CGA to prospective students, especially those seeking to enhance their academic profiles for competitive courses. She believes, "CGA offers students A Level and AP programs, which would help them strengthen their profiles."

Rosie's story is a vivid illustration of how CGA's online learning environment nurtures academic excellence, fosters personal growth, and prepares students for future success. Her experiences underscore the value of a supportive, flexible, and engaging educational journey at CGA.

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