Georgia Robinson's Path to Swimming Excellence

23/05/20233 minute read
Georgia Robinson's Path to Swimming Excellence

CGA student by day and professional swimmer by night, Georgia Robinson is paving the way to reach her goal in qualifying for the Swimming Australia Age Nationals.

At the Sydney Open, an exciting opportunity unfolded for young swimmers in the Junior Development Program. Swimming NSW organized a Medley Clinic to further hone the skills of promising medley swimmers. Among those invited was Georgia, whose exceptional performance at the NSW Country Championships earned her a well-deserved spot in this prestigious program. 

Georgia's talent and dedication were evident at the NSW Country Championships. Competing in the girls' 11-year age group, she showcased remarkable skill, clinching one gold, one silver, and three bronze medals. Her consistent success didn't stop there; she also secured four additional finalist ribbons, establishing herself as a top 10 finisher. This outstanding performance caught the attention of Swimming NSW, earning Georgia a spot in their Junior Development Program.

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Pursue Your Passion With A Flexible Learning Program

In the world of competitive swimming, maintaining flexibility is crucial for successfully balancing training with other commitments. Georgia Robinson understands this challenge all too well. While most swim meets are typically held on weekends, there are occasions when competitions are scheduled during the week, disrupting a swimmer's academic and personal schedule. Fortunately, Georgia found a solution that has been instrumental in her training journey – recorded classes.

At CGA, we truly understand the unique challenges faced by student athletes, and our dedication lies in offering them the necessary support to thrive academically while pursuing their athletic ambitions.

As a CGA student, Georgia benefits from the flexibility offered by our thoughtfully designed timetables, enabling her to effectively manage her demanding training schedule alongside her academic commitments. Whether she has a competition on a weekday or over the weekend, CGA's recorded classes become her invaluable resource, allowing her to catch up on any missed material and ensuring that she never falls behind in her studies while continuing to pursue her athletic dreams.

CGA's commitment to real-time, small-class instruction further enriches Georgia's learning experience. She receives personalized attention from her instructors and actively engages with her peers in a vibrant and interactive learning environment.

As Georgia continues to chase her dream of qualifying for the Swimming Australia Age Nationals, Crimson Global Academy (CGA) congratulates her on her accomplishments thus far and looks forward to seeing her take on new challenges and reach even greater success in the pool.

Come and join ambitious students like Georgia at CGA.

If you share Georgia's passion and dedication as a student-athlete, CGA is here to provide you with the flexible and supportive learning environment you need to excel both in your sport and in your academic journey.

To find out more, speak to one of their Academic Advisors today.