Why CGA's US Junior High School Program is a Game-Changer

17/07/202413 minute read
Why CGA's US Junior High School Program is a Game-Changer

Crimson Global Academy is excited to introduce our newest offering, the US Jr. High School program, designed meticulously to provide an exceptional educational experience for students who aspire to join our esteemed US Diploma Program.

At CGA, we understand the unique needs and aspirations of students during these crucial middle school years. We know that you, as a parent, want the best for your child's academic journey. That's why our program is specifically designed to cater to students who are driven to focus on core requirements and excel academically.

CGA US Jr. High School is a hub of limitless potential for students in grades 6th-8th, offering an innovative online learning environment tailored for high achievers.

- Brittanie Bates, CGA Principal USA

Who is the Jr. High School program for?

Our program serves students who want to focus on the core requirements when completing Jr. High School, participate in interactive group classes and study at a level that best suits their needs. These students are high-achieving students looking to move into our US Diploma program.

It is designed for high-achieving students looking to join an interactive, dynamic learning environment. It is perfect for students who:

  • Want to excel academically and prepare for the US Diploma Program.
  • Prefer a structured yet flexible learning environment that caters to their individual academic levels.
  • Seek to engage in group classes that encourage collaboration and peer learning.

Students have the opportunity to work at various course levels based on their academic needs. For example, a 6th-grade student who excels in Math can take 6th-grade English, Science, and Social Studies and 7th or 8th-grade Math based on their educational needs.

"Our program is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of students eager to accelerate their path toward the CGA US Diploma Program. By joining our community, students excel academically and thrive among peers who share their drive for success." - Brittanie Bates, CGA Principal USA

Entry Requirements

All Students applying to join a CGA US Diploma Program must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Performance Series Diagnostic Exam

    Students must score within their current grade level. Grade equivalency score of 5.9 or higher for 6th-grade students.

  2. English Language Proficiency

    If the student is currently studying in a school where English is NOT the primary language of instruction, then students must take the Versant English Placement test.

    • Students scoring 58+ can enroll directly into the US Jr. High School Program.
    • Students scoring 50+ may enroll in the US Jr. High School Program as long as they also enroll in ESOL classes at CGA.
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What curriculum will they study?

Classes meet once per week for 1.5 hours of live instruction. Students must also attend an Office hour for one hour per class weekly. Office hours are compulsory. This time is used to work on the 2 hours of homework per class per week, get help from teachers, and connect with peers.

Students can take the following subjects:

  • Accelerate Education
    • Math (6,7,8)
      The Junior High School mathematics curriculum covers foundational arithmetic and geometry to advanced algebra and data analysis.
    • English (6,7,8)
      Students in Junior High School enhance their literacy and critical thinking skills through multimedia resources and texts. This prepares them for advanced literary studies and high school-level English.
    • Science (6,7,8)
      Our integrated science curriculum includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth & Space sciences. Students engage in hands-on experimentation and scientific inquiry, promoting analytical thinking and understanding of natural phenomena.
    • Social Studies (6,7,8)
      Junior High School's Social Science class looks at ancient civilizations, U.S. history, and government. Students gain insights into various societies and political structures, developing a comprehensive understanding of the world around them.
    • Possible electives: Java Script Game Design, Health, Python Multiplayer Adventures, Art Appreciation)

Why Join an Online Junior High School Program?

1. Accelerated Learning: Students are placed according to their ability and maturity, not just age, allowing them to advance more rapidly through their educational journey.

2. World-Class Teachers: Our educators are selected for their expertise, engagement, and ability to inspire students.

3. Global Curriculum: We offer an internationally recognized curriculum that includes the US High School Diploma, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and more.

4. Enriched Extracurriculars: CGA provides a wide range of clubs and extracurricular activities, fostering leadership and personal growth.

5. Small Class Sizes: Our small, interactive classes ensure personalized attention and a more engaging learning experience.

6. Flexible Enrollment: Students can enroll full-time or part-time, allowing them to balance academics with other pursuits.

7. University Support: Access to resources and experienced guidance staff helps students gain admission to top universities worldwide.

Hear why our students are choosing to study online with CGA.

Start Dates

Students are welcome to study at the level that best suits their needs. They must show proficiency in the prerequisite skills to move up beyond the slated course. This approach also means students can enter high school at an accelerated rate if that is what of best for their personalized school journey.

Looking to get your child started in our US Jr High School Program?
View our Academic Calendar for CGA USA

  • Term 1 - First Half Academic Year - September - December
  • Term 2 - Second Half Academic Year - January - May
  • Term 3 - Summer - June - August

Where to After CGA’s Junior High School Program?

Transitioning to the US Diploma Program

Upon completing the Junior High School Program, students are well-prepared to transition into CGA’s US Diploma Program. This next step offers a more advanced curriculum designed to prepare students for higher education and beyond.

US Diploma Program Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The program includes core subjects such as English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, along with a wide range of electives and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.
  • College Preparation: Students receive extensive support in preparing for college admissions, including guidance on SAT/ACT preparation, college applications, and scholarship opportunities.
  • Flexible Learning: Similar to the Junior High School Program, the US Diploma Program offers flexible scheduling to accommodate students' varied interests and commitments.
  • Global Recognition: The US Diploma is recognized by universities worldwide, providing a solid foundation for students aiming to pursue higher education at top institutions.

Looking For an advanced Curriculum?

Crimson’s Junior High School provides students with the ability to study at the pace they need to be challenged and move into high school when they are ready. It's never too late to give your child a competitive advantage for university admissions entry. Early planning and preparation is key for college success.

If you're interested in learning more? Get in touch with one of our Academic Advisors for tailored support.

Together, we inspire and empower students to reach new heights of academic success, laying the foundation for a lifetime of self-driven achievement.


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