CGA Student Stories: Sara

24/11/20223 minute read
CGA Student Stories: Sara

Sara joined CGA in October 2020 part-time, before coming on board as a full-time student in February 2022. Based in Nagasaki, Japan, she is currently studying IA2 Mathematics, IG English Literature, History, Biology, Psychology and Chemistry. In her spare time, Sara enjoys playing the violin and performing rhythmic gymnastics. She is also a student mentor at CGA.

Academics & Leadership

Sara has been appointed to the role of ECL Prefect of Hawking House and is a member of the Scholar’s Society, led by CGA teacher Mr Yates. Upon his recommendation, Sara competed in the ARTiculation Challenge Competition by the University of Leeds, receiving a highly commended.

In July 2022, Sara was awarded the Scholar’s Society Prize at CGA’s Prize Giving, and earlier last month, she also competed in the Young Anthropologist 2022 competition, hosted by Goldsmiths with the University of London.

The challenge was for students aged 16-18 to write a 1,000-word essay in response to the prompt: “What does the food you eat and how you eat it say about you and/or your culture?”

Sara was awarded, runner-up!

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Future Dreams

Q: What inspired you to participate in the Young Anthropologist 2022 Competition?

I've been interested in Archaeology for a long time, and Anthropology is deeply related to it. Generally, Archaeology is said to be part of Anthropology. I thought this Anthropology competition would be really interesting and helpful to understand Archaeology better.

The topic for the Anthropology essay this year was about “food culture”, so I started with observing foods in Japan and how Japanese people eat meals. It was a really interesting experience to observe family or people around me from different perspectives.

Q: What did you discover through the process of taking part in this competition?

This achievement is really meaningful for me because I can see proof of my ability in my favourite subject. I can continue studying Archaeology or Anthropology with confidence following such an in-depth evaluation. Now I know the correct way to explore it at a critical thinking level.

Q: Can you share some of your future study and career goals with us?

My hope for my future studies is to pursue Archaeology at a top university in the UK. Eventually, I want to have a job where I can get directly involved with Archaeology.

Q: What other extra-curricular activities do you participate in?

I established the “Piece of Peace” club in July this year with the goal of bringing awareness to world peace. It is one of the school’s most highly engaging clubs and last month, we ran a few activities for World Peace Day, which was on September 21st, and it was really successful!