CGA Community News: November

14/12/20234 minute read
CGA Community News: November

November brought to our CGA community a vibrant month of exciting events and valuable opportunities for our students. Let's dive into the highlights of November!

CGA Student Meet Ups: Exciting Opportunities for In-Person Connection

November saw the continuation of our CGA Student Meet Ups, with one held in Melbourne and the other one held in Auckland. The activity of choice was an escape room, giving our students the opportunity to put their problem solving skills to the test whilst meeting friendly new faces. Thank you to all of the students and families that attended and we look forward to bringing more student meet ups in 2024.

CGA Career Talks

Following on from our extremely popular Careers Fair, we continued to run inspiring Career Talks throughout November. The topics were: Entrepreneurship and Scaling Start Ups with Young Founders and Unveiling the Medical World - Obstetrics & Gynaecology. The two talks brought together over 100 attendees across our diverse CGA community. These sessions were not just informative but also served as a source of inspiration, helping our students envision their future paths and possibilities. If you missed it, you can watch the two talks here:

Global Youth Choir Anthem: A Voice For Change

CGA students were invited to participate in the Global Youth Choir Anthem - a global initiative to raise awareness for climate change. A workshop was held for CGA students with the Global Choir Director, Corinne Gibbons who wrote the anthem song for COP28 ‘All Of Us’. Hundreds of students from across the globe came together to record their version of the song. It was an incredible act of climate change advocacy. You can watch the video here!

A special shout out to our CGA students Hanae Tsunokawa and Seven Godfrey-Billy who were featured in solo shots in the choir video.

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Monthly Parent Meetings and Parents of CGA Facebook Group: Strengthening Community Ties

Our commitment to open communication and collaboration with parents continued through our Monthly Parent Meetings. These meetings served as a forum for our parents to provide feedback about upcoming school changes such as remote invigilation, engage directly with our school leaders and have their questions answered in real time.

I would also like to remind our parents that we have a Parents of CGA Facebook Group - an online community that aims to foster connections, share valuable insights, and create a space for parents to support one another. Open to all current CGA parents, find us by searching on Facebook ‘Parents of CGA’.

Be Part of A Supportive Community

Thank you for being a part of our community in November and we look forward to the upcoming month as we wrap up an incredible 2023! To find out more about our online schools inclusive community, speak to an Academic Advisor today.