CGA ranked as the 3rd best online high school in America by

20/10/20223 minute read
CGA ranked as the 3rd best online high school in America by

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) has achieved an excellent milestone being ranked the 3rd best online high school in the US by, an organization that ranks nearly 100,000 schools and districts in the US. Their rankings are based on statistics and millions of opinions from students and parents. John Morris, CGA Executive Principal, shares some insights on what this ranking means for the school and its community.

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Given that the US is the most well developed country globally for online schools, this is a remarkable achievement and owes much to the fine work of the entire CGA team and especially to Head of School, Kevin Ferrone.

CGA was also ranked by as the Number 1 online high school in Florida and 4th best high school for STEM out of 500 high schools in Florida.

These rankings give both our teaching staff, students and prospective students and families great confidence that the school is making exciting progress and providing an education of excellence to our committed and aspirational students.

These authoritative results provide further confirmation that CGA is heading in the right direction and this is reflected in the school growing from an initial student cohort of 20 in May 2020 to over 1000 students by the end of this year.

In addition, examination results in international GCSE and A Level examinations continue to be outstanding, and with an impressive group of teachers world-wide the future for CGA is bright and well on its way to being the most highly regarded global online school.

Other CGA Accreditations

Looking into the future

CGA’s ANZ campus has recently been audited by the NZ Education Review Office with a glowing report. The UK campus is currently making good progress in gaining accreditation with the Department for Education in the UK.

CGA recently had an initial audit with WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) to assess the school’s capability and operation to receive the accreditation. WASC a prestigious accreditation body based in the US and has a highly demanding process for accreditation with schools having to comply with the associations guiding principles which are:

  • Ensure a culture of involvement, collaboration and trust
  • Ensure a culture supporting the well-being of all students
  • Demonstrate that the shared purpose and schoolwide learner outcomes are understood and accomplished by all students
  • Evaluate achievement of all students on academic standards/schoolwide learner outcomes
  • Use multiple ways to analyse data and the impact on student learning
  • Implement and monitor actions to support continuous improvement
  • Align prioritized findings to a schoolwide action plan focusing on major student and school needs
  • Evaluate program effectiveness

The outcome of this initial audit, based on these criteria, was very positive and we await final confirmation of CGA’s schools’ accreditation to WASC.