10 Ways For Students To Maximize Their School Break

19/06/20237 minute read
10 Ways For Students To Maximize Their School Break

So it’s summer break, the long-awaited time when students can finally say farewell to books and embrace some much-needed fun and relaxation. While taking a break is essential, there are also plenty of exciting alternatives that can help students make the most of their well-deserved time off. Without the added pressure of exam preparation, homework or extracurricular activities, this is the perfect time to level up in areas that will support their academics or steer them toward the university or career of their dreams.

While hitting the beach and catching those waves sounds very enticing (don’t worry, we’ll include that in too), we’ve come up with 10 unique ways students can maximize their school break to return feeling inspired and ready to take on the new academic year.

Discover ways to make the most of your child’s vacation time

1. Connect with friends

What are school holidays for if not to hang out with friends? Students should make the most of this time to deepen their friendships and discover more about each other beyond the classroom setting. Whether it's engaging in virtual hangouts like working out together or organizing an online cooking session, there are several ways to connect with friends, regardless of distance.

If you happen to live in the same city, why not plan a day at the beach or a fun picnic in the park? Remember, it doesn't have to be expensive to be enjoyable.

2. Take up a new language

Wanting to study abroad? Taking up a new language offers endless opportunities for students looking to explore the world. Whether they’re wanting to participate in a global study program, or become a digital nomad, there are so many benefits that can come from learning a new language.

It’s important to consider a language that is relevant to their personal or professional goals or one that purely interests them. While apps and online classes are great resources, learning a new language goes far beyond that. The best way to learn a new language is through immersive experiences. This can be done by watching movies within that particular language, listening to music or even changing the language settings on their phone to really challenge themselves in reading and writing.

3. Start a passion project

Passion projects are driven by personal interests and offer students a chance to explore their passions, pursue goals, and engage in self-directed learning. Whether it's creating a podcast, starting a YouTube channel, or launching a community service initiative, these projects provide opportunities for students to showcase their unique talents and make a meaningful impact.

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4. Plan university tours

Making the decision to choose the right university can feel overwhelming. Students want to ensure they've done their research so they can feel confident they're making the choice that is most comfortable for them. The school break is the perfect time to book in university tours where students can gain full access into a day in the life of a student on campus.

These visits offer valuable insights and information that will help to make a well-informed decision about their future education. With smaller crowds during this time, they'll be able to closely connect with admissions counselors, have their questions answered and explore the entirety of the university grounds.

5. Get ahead on upcoming courses

Start the first day of school with ease! Students should take advantage of the school break by setting aside time to review upcoming course materials and textbooks with some light reading. They’ll be able to feel more confident for the upcoming academic year and have a deeper understanding of the subject.

6. Find a part time job

Finding a part-time job during the holiday break offers students an excellent opportunity to make the most of their free time. Not only can it help to earn some extra money, working part-time means they’ll still have plenty of days to relax and enjoy their vacation.

Whether they choose to work as a restaurant server, retail cashier, barista, or even dog walker, it's important for them to approach these opportunities with an open mind and a positive attitude. Even if the tasks may initially seem tedious, every job teaches valuable lessons, helps to develop important skills, and will contribute to their overall independence.

7. Take time to chill out

They've definitely earned it! After a demanding school year filled with exams and early mornings, it's time to take a break and prioritize well-being. For online students, it's especially important to try and disconnect from technology as so much of their days are spent in front of a computer screen.

Limiting screen time can be a great way for students to clear their minds and improve their overall health. Planning a vacation free from technology can also provide a much-needed break and reduce stress levels. Taking the time to relax and recharge allows students to return to their studies feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next semester.

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8. Complete an internship

Exploring a potential career path firsthand is an invaluable experience, and what better way to do so than by completing an internship? This allows students to immerse themselves in real-world work settings over their holiday break, giving them the chance to assess whether their interests align with a particular career.

Although the search for the perfect internship may initially feel overwhelming, starting early and taking a proactive approach is essential. Students can seek guidance from CGA's university and careers counseling office, explore online job boards like LinkedIn, or tap into organizations within their local community to uncover internship prospects. By securing an internship, students have the chance to develop crucial skills in their desired field, establish meaningful connections, and gain a competitive advantage when pursuing roles in their future endeavors. 

9. Try a new hobby

Whether it’s activities like photography, cooking, or playing an instrument, trying out a new hobby can bring out a new sense of enjoyment and personal growth. This exploration can also lead to connecting with other students who share a similar interest and fostering a new community. They may even find themselves wanting to create a school club upon their return. CGA encourages students to explore their interests by allowing them to start and lead their own school clubs.

10. Prepare, declutter and get organized

It's a fresh start for the new academic year, and students can make the most of it by getting organized and decluttered. Clear out those old books, tidy up study materials, and file away past exam notes to create space for new learning. Setting goals and creating vision boards can also help to stay focused and motivated. By taking these simple steps, students will feel prepared and ready to tackle the exciting challenges ahead with a clear sense of direction.

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