Info Webinar US High School Diploma Program

Discover how high school students from Vietnam are empowered to get a head start on college and careers with Crimson Global Academy.


Sun, April 24, 2022


9:30 - 11:00 AM


Online Webinar (Zoom)

A NEW Study Option for high school students in Vietnam

Join our exclusive webinar about the US High School Diploma Program to learn from experts how students can build their comprehensive portfolio of project-based work and complete several AP exams, demonstrating both real-world accomplishment and robust academic achievement.

For students and parents who have kids from Grade 9 - 11/ Year 10-12, register for the webinar to explore:

  • Why international curricula, especially career-focused ones, matter for students from Vietnam
  • Why and how high school students should start early for university admissions preparation
  • How CGA provides a wide range of resources outside the classroom to ensure the holistic development of students
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Meet the speakers


01. US High School Program Introduction

Speaker: Kevin Ferrone

02. Community, Extracurricular Activities & Tech in CGA Classroom

Speaker: Kevin Park

03. Why does Career-focused Curriculum matter for Students?

Speaker: Brittanie Bates

04. Start early with CGA

Speaker: Kevin Park

05. Live Q&A Session

Speaker: Kevin Park, Kevin Ferrone and Brittanie Bates

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