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Webinar: Why are extra subjects crucial for your profile?

Calling all ambitious students aiming for top universities in the world like the Ivy League, Columbia, Oxbridge, etc.! Join us in a weekend webinar and learn all about how extra subjects can level up your profile!


Sunday, July 9


9:30 - 11:00 AM


Online Webinar (Zoom)

Crimson Global Academy's Guest Speaker

Meet Alex Cork, Admissions Officer at CGA as he shares how students can strategically take on extra subjects to optimize their admissions profile.

Alex Cork has worked in the education sector for 10 years. He has interviewed more than 300 students gaining admissions to CGA. Cork takes genuine interest in students’ achievements beyond the classroom borders, whether it be in sport, music, extracurriculars, academics, business or activism.

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What you'll gain from the webinar:

  • Insights behind the decreasing acceptance rate of universities this year, even for the “safe choices” universities.
  • The importance of extra subjects in academic success and why students in the global landscape are taking on additional subjects outside of classroom curriculum.
  • Answers to “myths” around requirements specifically for Vietnamese students in terms of curriculum and extra subjects.
  • Ways CGA can bridge the gap for Vietnamese students to compete internationally.
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