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Tips to raise an athletic/entrepreuner kid

It's not an easy feat to raise an athlete or entrepreuner because it requires special knowledge, skill and a flexible timetable to make sure your child excels in every aspect. Join us to learn how CGA can help you raise an athlete/entrepreuner kid!


Sunday, Oct 9th


9:30AM - 11:00AM


via Zoom

Parents webinar: How to raise a well-rounded child

Do you know what it takes for kids to be successful entrepreneurs/athletes in the future?

🎓Your child doesn’t become an entrepreneur or athletes overnight. It often takes preparation and exposure from the early stage to build the necessary skills.

They even need a special timetable so that they can balance schoolwork and other activities (sports, specialized knowledge).

So how can you prepare your child early for certain success?

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What we will cover:

  • What it means to raise an athlete or entrepreuner
  • How to build a specialized and flexible timetable based on your kid's own need
  • How to choose the best subject combination so that your kid could gain the in-depth knowledge on their chosen area of interest
  • How to help your child advance further than their peers
  • Why starting early is the key to success and how CGA can help
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