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How could you build a solid application profile? Hear form the former Cambridge Admissions Officer

Find out how CGA support your journey to top universities with well-recognized curriculum like: A Level, AP, IGCSE


September 14


8:00 - 9:30 PM


Online Webinar (Zoom)
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Your exclusive opportunity to learn:

📍 How competitive students in the world build a solid application profile to impress admissions officers

📍 Current news and requirements to apply for popular majors such as: Medicine, Computer Science, Business, Finance, etc.

📍 How CGA, an international online high school, could support Vietnam-based students via rigorous curriculums like IGCSE, APs, A Level and US High School Diploma

Exclusive opportunity to hear from Ms Li Li Tan - Former Cambridge Admissions Officer

🎓 Former Admissions Interviewer, University of Cambridge

🎓Graduated from St Catharine’s College, Cambridge in 2019 with a PhD in Philosophy

🎓MPhil in Philosophy (Clare Hall, Cambridge)

🎓BA in Psychology and Philosophy (Queen’s College, Oxford)

CGA admissions officer

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Average CGA student score in International A Level exams


CGA students who achieved at least one A in their International A Level Exams


CGA students who scored at least one A or B in their International A Level exams


CGA students who achieved an A in their International GCSE exams