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[Webinar] Local vs. International Curriculum Which one is better?

Join our webinar to get your answer questioned! You will know what curriculum is best-fit for you right away 🔥


Wednesday, Aug 2nd


8:00 - 9:30 PM


Online Webinar (Zoom)
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Why should public school students like you consider IGCSE, A-Levels or AP curriculum?

  • The Vietnamese high school curriculum hasn't been accepted in some US/UK universities. So even you have a GPA of 9.0 which is considered excellent in Vietnam, it is difficult to measure in the top schools.
  • Also, having IELTS or TOEFL certificates are not enough to help you get into top universities. What you need is to showcase your academic interest in your future major.

So what should you do to increase your chances of getting accepted to NYU, Cornell, Warwick, and more?

Meet a CGA admissions officer - the consultant for Stanford/NYU admits

🎓 Meet our CGA admissions officers to hear advice on selecting curriculum wisely to leverage your admissions profile.

🎓 You will have a comprehensive view of Local and International high school curriculum right away!

CGA admissions officer

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Average CGA student score in International A Level exams


CGA students who achieved at least one A in their International A Level Exams


CGA students who scored at least one A or B in their International A Level exams


CGA students who achieved an A in their International GCSE exams