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Webinar: Accelerating Your English Knowledge to Study Maths/Science/Humanity

How can you accelerate your/your child's English THIS 2022 SUMMER to excel at very difficult subjects of INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMS like IB, A-Levels, IGCSE, APs, etc.? Join our webinar to find out now.


Thu, May 12


8:00 - 9:30 PM


Online Webinar (Zoom)
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Why should you join this webinar?

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  • Why a proper English knowledge preparation is needed before entering international high school programs?
  • What are the requirements to study A-Levels, IB, IGCSE or APs?
  • Why are English certifications not enough?
  • What can you do THIS SUMMER to accelerate your ENGLISH ability?
  • Why joining ESOL program at CGA can guarantee your access to international curriculums?

Meet “Anh Cá Heo” Bùi Khánh Nguyên

Independent Education Specialist

Mr Nguyen Bui is an English teacher, a former Secondary school principal, and an international relationship specialist, while at the same time being very active in different managing positions for multinational companies from the UK, the US, Singapore as the PR Director, Communications Director, and External Affair Director. He also had experiences in collaborating with research on international schools in HCMC by the Education Institution, Pedagogy University HCMC. He is also a freelance writer for the education section of many renowned news sites such as TuoiTre, ThanhNien, NguoiLaoDong, Giao duc & Thoi dai as an independent education specialist focusing on private education in Vietnam.

Bui Khanh Nguyen

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What is the ESOL programme?

ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. Students at CGA are able to take ESOL classes that are customized for ambitious students to accelerate academic English ability more quickly than traditional English classes taught in Japan. The course content has been structured to combine practical everyday English with Academic English that will improve students’ performance in an English-speaking classroom.

We have part-time and full-time options. If you would like to prepare for international curriculums such as IB, IGCSE, and the A levels, or considering studying abroad in the future, it is necessary to develop a strong understanding for academic English early!


Who is this program for?

All students must complete a Pearson Versant English Placement Test as part of their application. Students' scores on Versant will determine their eligibility for the program as well as their level placement if accepted.

  • Age: mature 11-15-year-old students looking to improve their English before entering an IGCSE or Pre-IGCSE course.
  • English ability: We offer three different levels in this program:
    • A2 (Elementary) is for those with a score of 34-45
    • B1 (Intermediate) is for those with a score of 46-56
    • B2 (Upper Intermediate) is for those with a score of 57-67
  • Students who want to enroll in CGA International GCSE courses or take other international curriculums.
Who is this program for?