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The Pathway for Vietnamese Students to Computer Science & Business

Did you know that it's getting more and more competitive to apply to Computer Science or Business, especially if you're aiming at the TOP universities. What should you do TODAY and in the next years to fully prepare yourself for these majors? Find out in our webinar!


Saturday, September 10th


2:00PM - 3:00PM


via Zoom

Getting into "popular" majors is tough!

It’s not easy to secure a spot in a TOP university to study Computer Science or Business. It’s important to start preparing early and understand what you need to do to get into your dream university.

️One of the very first steps is always academic: taking extra subjects in a globally recognized curriculum is the best way to show your passion and preparation!

At CGA, we have the right resource for you to level up your academics to apply to elite universities.

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What we will cover:

  • What it takes to get into TOP universities to study Computer Science/ Business
  • Which curricula and subjects admissions officers look for
  • How to maximize academic performance: high school curriculum, standardized testing, and other academic activities
  • How to choose the best subject combination for your university applications
  • Why starting early is the key to success and how CGA can help
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