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Exclusive event | All you need to know about APs

AP Courses are becoming the first-choice for parents and students in Vietnam when it comes to international curriculum. On December 07th, CGA - an international school from the US - will hold a webinar about the courses, and what subjects students should take to apply for TOP US universities.


Wednesday, Dec 07th


8:00PM - 9:00PM

Virtual Event

via Zoom

An event for Vietnam-based students!

Join our exclusive guide-to-APs webinar and find out:

✅ What are APs and how it can help you stand out academically

✅ The different subjects on offer - and the best combination for you

✅ When, where, and how to take AP exams

✅ Tips on acing your APs - and impressing your admissions officers!


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Exclusive chance to hear from Mr Kevin Ferrone

US Academic Dean, AP Coordinator and Administrator

  • 20+ years of education experiences
  • Graduated from 3 US universities including BrownU
  • Former Global Vice President, Programme Development Manager
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CGA students have been admitted to several of the world's top universities, such as Stanford University, Columbia University, King's College, the London School of Economics, and New York University.


Average CGA student score in International A Level exams


CGA students who achieved at least one A in their International A Level Exams


CGA students who scored at least one A or B in their International A Level exams


CGA students who achieved an A in their International GCSE exams