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All About APs & US Diploma 2023

Come over to our exciting exclusive in-person webinar that tackle EVERYTHING about APs and US Diploma! Filled with useful information for students and families who are intersted in: APs and US Diploma.


Thu, March 23, 2023


7:30-8:30 PM


Online via ZOOM

Why Should You Sign Up Right Now?

This will be your family’s chance to:

✅ What are APs and how it can help you stand out academically

✅ The different subjects on offer - and the best combination for you

✅ When, where, and how to take AP exams

✅ Tips on acing your APs - and impressing your admissions officers!

✅ What are US Diploma and why do you need it?

✅How to choose the right subject combination when study US Diploma

Admissions Test Day

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Opportunity for ALL your APs & US Diploma questions answered

❓ What is APs and why it can benefit you? ❓What is US Diploma and will it suit your academic record? ❓Why do many high-achieving students choosing APs and US Diploma? ❓Can you secure a scholarship at CGA?

Exclusive chance to talk to Mr Kevin Ferrone

Mr Kevin Ferrone

US Academic Dean, AP Coordinator and Administrator

  • 20+ years of education experiences
  • Graduated from 3 US universities including BrownU
  • Former Global Vice President, Programme Development Manager
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