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CGA Stories - Yuko

Yuko chose Crimson Global Academy to give her an edge on achieving her dreams and goals. Watch the full video to find out more about her CGA experience.
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Get to know Yuko

Our CGA Stories series helps prospective students and their families get to know some of our current students, their families, and learn how their education journey brought them to CGA.

Get to know Yuko and follow her academic success. In her most recent exams, she got:

  • A perfect score in accelerated A-level Math
  • Top grade in International GCSE English & Economics
Why Yuko chose CGA
Why Yuko chose CGA

Learn why Yuko chose to transition to studying online full-time through CGA.

Her doubts before CGA
Her doubts before CGA

Yuko was understandably worried about the social aspects of studying full-time online

Her passions and extracurriculars
Her passions and extracurriculars

Her main passions in life lie in gender equality, which she is currently pursuing through her impressive extracurriculars.

Her university plans
Her university plans

Yuko is yet to decide on her majors after high school but she has big plans for studying overseas.

Download Yuko's CGA Story

Our latest CGA Stories testimonial introduces you to Yuko who chose CGA to give her an edge on achieving her dreams and goals.

She and her parents have always seen online education as an effective way to learn beyond the constraints of the traditional brick-and-mortar schools (such as being geographically limited on the choice of teachers or restricted by the subjects offered to her age level).

This meant that when her high school experience in Japan was brought to a halt with the onset of COVID-19, studying online full-time seemed like a more exciting option than ever before!

What is International GCSE Mathematics?

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