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Your Roadmap to University Success

Find out how ambitious Vietnamese students use Crimson Global Academy to supercharge their learning with International GCSE, A-Level and AP courses.

Building strong academic profiles!

Good academics are a prerequisite to top US/UK universities - but it's not easy to stand out academically!

+ How to take classes beyond your age to impress university admissions officers

+ The benefits of internationally-recognized qualification

+ Clear examples of strong high school students profiles from top tier public schools and international schools in Vietnam and how to level up their academics

+ Tips for ambitious students aspiring towards the Ivy League/Oxbridge in Vietnam!


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Fully Accredited

by Pearson Edexcel to offer the iGCSEs and A-Levels, and by College Board to offer the Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum.

Interactive classes

with diverse, international students and a community of like-minded peers. Small classes built for interaction and 1-1 teacher engagement.

Top Teachers

with over 20 years of experience. They are passionate about their work and have been selected for their engagement, inspiration and results.

Who is CGA for?

CGA offers a unique opportunity for bright students to develop their shared love of learning in a globally connected school.

To expand a student’s potential we believe in a learning approach based on competency and maturity, not age.

Academically ambitious

Students with strong academic potential who want to challenge themselves. Over 40% of current CGA students are studying at a high level than their age.

Intellectually curious

Students who have a desire to study certain subjects with high caliber teachers but are limited by the choices at their schools due to clashes in timetabling or curriculum limitations.

Flexibility seekers

Students and families who have significant pursuits outside of the classroom, such as sports, arts, or business, and therefore require a flexible school that fits around their schedule and offers classes at all times of the day with resources to catch up.


Homeschooling families who are looking for additional resources and a structured curriculum to ensure students achieve their maximum potential.

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Meet Max, Jade & Gavin; 3 students who chose CGA for the ability to go further, and faster academically, with classmates from all over the world.
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