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Why Vietnamese Students Should Take APs - A Guide To Understanding APs

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are rigorous, college-level courses and assessments offered in US high schools. Taking APs means giving yourself an edge in the university admissions process. Download Crimson Global Academy's "How to Crush your APs" eBook and learn how APs may benefit you, and how to excel in both AP classes and the AP exam.

What will you learn from this AP eBook:

  • The benefits of taking APs, particularly if you are aiming for top schools like Harvard and Oxford
  • How many AP classes to take, which may vary depending on your goals for your education
  • The hardest and easiest AP courses, and the best way to choose AP courses that fit your needs
  • What’s new with APs, and why the new SAT-optional rules makes APs more important than ever
  • Tips on how to study for AP exams, including the use of study techniques like the Pomodoro
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Why do AP courses matter?

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level courses offered in US high schools. Administered by the College Board, they have now replaced the SAT Subject Tests for college applications. Doing well on AP courses can translate to college credit in US and Canadian universities.