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Meet Rosie

“My name is Rosie, I took A Level Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Business during my time at CGA. I am a CGA full-time student from Vietnam.

What I appreciate the most about studying at CGA is how the small class size allows teachers to focus on every student in the class. Teachers at CGA understand strengths and weaknesses of each student, then give personal feedback and support to help their students progress academically. Besides this, being an online school gives CGA great flexibility and convenience, so students can literally join their lessons from any part of the world.”

Rosie got accepted to Labtrobe University dentistry major thanks to her great work at CGA!

World-Class Education

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Rosie's Journey at CGA

I believe that teachers at CGA are a big part of my academic achievements today. My Chemistry and Biology teachers are great educators that not only helped me achieve my A* but also encouraged me to continue pursuing my dream and gave me assurance about my abilities.

The way of teaching and learning at CGA has encouraged me to ask more questions without hesitation and express my ideas more freely. During lessons, teachers always encouraged me to speak out what I think, even if it may not be 100% correct. Eventually, I wasn’t as afraid of being wrong and started to contribute more to the lesson.

By having a chat with CGA's university counselor, I was able to explore different options available for me, even in case that I wouldn't get into my top choice. CGA also provided me with supplemental documents for university application, which eased the application process.

World-Class Education

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CGA Top 3 Finalist World's Best School Prizes in Innovation!

We are proud to announce that Crimson Global Academy has been honoured as one of the Top 3 finalists for the renowned World's Best School Prizes in Innovation!

This recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience that puts our students on the world stage. 

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