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Reimagine your future learning pathway with our world-class online school

CGA's Virtual Open Day provides a unique chance to engage with our digital platform and meet the passionate teachers, current students, and advisory board members bringing our school of tomorrow to life.

Access our event recording and learn:

  • How to accelerate your child’s learning, take extra subjects, and study according to their own timetable with our flexible enrolment options
  • How taking extra subjects helps your child’s academic transcripts for admissions to universities like Harvard and Oxford
  • If Crimson Global Academy is right for you

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Meet the speakers

Meet some of the brilliant minds who will be presenting at the CGA Open Day.


01. Keynote Speaker: My Education Journey

Speaker: Amy Kunrojpanya, VP Comms of Netflix APAC

About Amy:

Amy is a seasoned team leader and organisation builder; she holds a double degree in Asian Political Science and Asian Languages from Griffith University, she has studied, worked, lived or traveled in over 75 countries and speaks eight Asian languages.

She’s an avid runner, an active volunteer with various nonprofits that support human rights and work to tackle human trafficking, and a proud new Mum.

02. Why I started CGA

Speaker: Jamie Beaton

About the session:

After launching Crimson Education almost a decade ago, Jamie was on a mission to create the world-class high school education experience that he wants his own children to have.

03. Why Crimson Global Academy

Speaker: John Morris

About the session:

With over 40+ years of experience in education, John shares why he joined CGA and why students and parents choose CGA.

04. Student Panel

Speaker: Yuko, Gavin and Karin

About the session:

Breaking down the formality, we’re excited to bring together some of our incredible students across the globe to discuss and share their experiences. We will uncover topics such as Online Learning, what a typical day looks like, opportunities and challenges, as well as their experience with other students.

05. Q&A Session

Speaker: Harry Flett

About the session:

We will use this time to answer any questions you may have!

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