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The Pathway for Vietnamese Students to Medicine, Computer Science and beyond

Did you know A-Level and AP students get into medicine, computer science, law, finance and other competitive majors at a higher rate than students studying local curriculum? Find out how you can boost your chances by taking online A-Level and AP classes after school.
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How can you start preparing in high school?

At Crimson Global Academy (CGA), we acknowledge that Top Universities and competitive majors necessitate early preparation and strategy to reach the top. Successful students prepare early on in their high school careers and we believe students aspiring to attain top-level jobs.

Find out how you can start preparing, after school, with Crimson Global Academy, world-class online high school delivering live, real-time learning to ambitious students around the world.

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The After School Accelerator for Competitive Majors!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an after-school program that prepares you for top universities? The answer is Crimson Global Academy Study additional A-level & AP subjects, after-school, and be in a better position for Top Universities. We can also help you with the admissions journey to your dream school.

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