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Looking To Be #1 in Both School and Sports?

Crimson Global Academy has been supporting top athletes from around the world, ensuring that they succeed both on and off the field. Unlock exclusive access to our Athletics eBook & Webinar Recording to find out why CGA is the ideal option for student-athletes.

Finding the Perfect Balance

A Perfect Fit For Athletes

Whether your child is a top athlete or traveling the world performing, CGA can provide flexibility and support like no other school.

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A world-class education for a world-class athlete.

Is your student-athlete finding it difficult to balance their educational & athletic goals? Is your family constantly traveling and missing out on educational opportunities?

Our eBook dives into specific online schooling options, how to study on their terms, and the possibilities available through CGA.

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Two of CGA's student-athletes, Paige & Max, share their experiences and discuss how the flexible online curriculum at CGA empowers them to focus on their training and how CGA's rigorous international academic education prepares them for admission to top universities worldwide.

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Hear from our community

Meet Paige

Paige is a student-athlete and with the flexibility of CGA, she can pursue her running training outside of class. Paige loves her teachers and feels that her teachers really push her to be her best self.

Come join ambitious students like Paige at CGA. Download our eBook to read her full story.


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Whether you are considering making a full-time change or looking to supplement your student’s current course load, CGA has an option for you.



A class of diverse, international students and a community of like-minded peers.


A 24/7 global timetable to suit multiple timezones worldwide.


Top-tier teachers selected for engagement, inspiration and results.