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Harvard Alum Tells All: Importance of AP for Ivy League

Which AP Courses for your child's intended major? How can AP Courses boost college applications? Craft a Winning Application for University. Register for our FREE Webinar


Wednesday, June 26th


6PM (TH) | 7PM (HK, TW, PH, CN) | 8PM (KR)


Online via Zoom

Your Ticket To Your Dream University

Attend our webinar to discover how AP courses can make THE difference in your college applications.

  • Introduction to Advanced Placement (AP)
    • Why are APs pivotal for admission to Top US Universities?
    • Who should take them? How many should you take? When can you take them?
  • If your school doesn't offer AP Courses or only offers a few subjects
    • How can you take AP outside of your school?
  • Should students taking IB also take AP Courses?
  • AP Course Selection Strategy
    • Which courses should your child be taking for their intended major?
  • Introduction to CGA's extensive AP Course Catalog & Extraordinary US Diploma Program
  • Student Success Stories


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