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Learn at your own pace with our new Oxbridge-style Accelerated Maths course

Introducing our new Oxbridge-style, flexible delivery International GCSE maths course for ambitious high school students.

Why this course?

CGA Turbo for Edexcel International GCSE Math (Higher) is a oxbridge-style, flexible delivery course for ambitious high school students.

The course is designed by Andrew Daniel, CGA Associate Principal and teacher with 25 years’ mathematics teaching experience.

The class will use a hybrid of live classes (Oxbridge-style tutorials) on weekends and recorded videos and written materials which students can access at any time in a given period. This structure ensures students with limited time can accelerate in iGCSE Maths and complete the course work.

The fortnightly lectures are provided by Dr. Daniel and follow an Oxbridge style of delivery. The weekly tutorials will be provided by Anton Burdakov, a Cambridge graduate with hundreds of hours’ mathematics tutoring experience.

CGA Turbo

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Programme Details


The full year syllabus is covered from July to December. Students can sit the external examinations in January 2023.

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Currently the CGA Turbo programme is available for iGCSE Maths with plans to add other subjects at a later date.

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There will be five end-of-unit tests, four mock exams and one final exam for progress tracking and ensuring strong external IGCSE exam results.


There will be scheduled group study Zoom sessions for student collaboration on homework as well as office hours with Dr. Daniel.

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Our educators have been rigorously vetted and thoughtfully selected for their inspiration, engagement and proven track record of outstanding student results. From their qualifications and vision for education to their teaching history and philosophy, get to know them more.


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