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Ready to join our one-of-a-kind, global community, or curious to learn more about the admissions process? Your journey begins here.

Admissions criteria and process

Learn what type of student is best suited to Crimson Global Academy’s academically rigorous online environment; explore the differences between our part-time and full-time enrolment options and comprehensively familiarise yourself with our step-by-step admissions process.

Admissions Criteria and Process

Fees and Scholarships

We offer a transparent, pay per subject fee structure with flexible payment options to suit your family’s needs. Based on your curriculum pathway of choice, there are various enrolment options available as well.

Passionate about accelerating your learning?

We are committed to empowering inspired, motivated and high-performing students with equitable access to our school. Understand our financial aid criteria, scholarship offerings and how to be considered here.

For a full academic assessment, personalised roadmap and final fee proposal please book a meeting with an Academic Advisor. They will work to understand your unique goals, needs and constraints and reflect these in a suitable enrolment plan.

Financial Aid and Scholarships
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