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AP, IGCSE and A-Level Courses

We offer multiple curriculum options that equip students seeking academic excellence
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International GCSE (UK)

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A-Levels (UK)

International high school curricula

What are AP courses?

  • Curriculum designed to offer US-track college-level courses to high school students between grade 9 and 12
  • AP courses allow students to earn college credits in advance
  • Explore different areas of interest and take subjects that are not typically offered at school

What are IGCSEs and Pre-IGCSEs?

  • Curriculum offered to students from age 13 to year 10 or 11
  • Pre-IGCSE students enroll in a part-time one-year online program that prepares them for IGCSE program later on
  • IGCSE students take on 4-5  subjects that are structured as first introductions to the specific topic areas that they cover
  • External exams at the end of the course determine students' grades.

What are A-Levels?

  • Curriculum aims to prepare students aged 15-17 for university
  • A-Level curriculum is the #1 studied curriculum in the world
  • High grades in A-Levels can result in university course credit
International GCSE

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