Explore Our 2024 Summer Courses

Under the mentorship of CGA's dedicated experts, our lineup of subjects offer an enriching learning environment that promises growth, insight, and forward-thinking.

Product Management

Students will gain a foundational understanding of how to manage product development, form go-to-market strategies, and drive user-centered design. From real-world examples and activities, students will have the opportunity to apply their content knowledge into building real product(s).

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Computer Science Intro to Python

Students will explore core programming concepts such as variables, conditionals, loops, data structures and functions.  Students will learn about object-oriented programming and use Flask, a popular Python web framework.

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Project Management

Students will review the basics in project management terminology, such as designating distinctions among projects, products, programs, and portfolios. They will delve into concepts like managing deliverables and creating engaging relationships with stakeholders.

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Smart Cities

With a firm understanding of what a smart city is, the majority of the course will focus on various aspects of them such as energy, transportation, data, infrastructure, mobility, and IOT devices.

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Students will learn about the practice of protecting networks, systems, and programs from digital attacks. They will better understand the aim of these attacks, such as destroying information, extorting money and resources, or disrupting business operations

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This course will equip students with the critical skills they must have to succeed in high school media, college media, and beyond. We will read a variety of journalistic material and do a great deal of news writing.

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