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Boost your academics with AP courses

College-level courses designed for motivated high school students in Taiwan

Part-time, weekend courses

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a fully registered online high school delivering world-class teaching to students right in their own homes. Students graduate our year-long accelerated courses with internationally recognized AP qualifications which are recognized by all prominent universities towards their entrance requirements.

Our classes take place on the weekends. They’re designed for driven students that wish to study extra subjects in addition to their regular high school workload.

Who should join:

  • Students aiming to study at top-ranked colleges in the US
  • Students who wish to take advanced classes in addition to regular coursework at school
  • Students who thrive in a global, immersive learning environment
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Why take an AP course?

Improve your academic profile, challenge yourself and earn AP college credits today!


Boost your candidacy for college admissions


Explore your interests and areas of strength


Real-time instruction from experienced AP teachers, not tutors


Global learning environment

Popular subjects

These are some of the most popular and in-demand subjects among our students. They are also great for intensive learning and for providing a solid grounding in pursuing more advanced courses in the future.

Get ahead of your peers with additional APs

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Created By CGA