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How do our online classrooms work?

In a CGA classroom, there’s nowhere to hide. Students have to be engaged, and that’s what makes it such a powerful environment.

We start with the basic building blocks of an effective classroom:

  • Great teachers, working with students in real-time, and
  • Small classes where students are expected to participate.

Great teachers and small classrooms are combined with leading education technology to provide an immersive digital learning experience.

International AS English Lesson

English in action

Watch teacher, Emily Fitzgerald, teach a live International AS English class
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Meet the Teacher: Emily Fitzgerald

I am joining you from Melbourne, Australia. I completed my Bachelor of Arts - with a double major in History and Italian - and my Master of Teaching (Secondary) - with my methods History, English and Italian - at The University of Melbourne. I was lucky enough to spend almost a year as an exchange student in Italy, where I developed my passion for other languages, culture, and travel. It was during university that I fell in love with tutoring, and I soon realised what career I could see myself doing for the rest of my life!

Emily Fitzgerald

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