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CGA FAQ Guide for Thai Parents

Your child is just a click away from unlocking their full potential and gaining admissions to top universities.


Average CGA student score in International A Level exams


CGA students achieved at least one A in their International A Level Exams


CGA students scored at least one A or B in their International A Level exams


CGA students achieved an A in their International GCSE exams

What’s in this eBook

Get answers from Crimson Global Academy's Advisors to all your questions about our online high school and choosing international curricula to get ahead and gain admission to top universities.

  • Find out how an international curriculum can put your child on the path to top-ranked universities
  • Figure out the importance of extracurricular activities for your child’s development.
  • Learn more about how CGA supports its students’ well-being online.
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“CGA doesn't just look at academics, they also look at mental wellness. I would recommend CGA.”

- Tsitsi's mother

World-class Education, Online.

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a fully-registered international online high school offering live, real-time classes to students all around the world - anytime, anywhere. Designed to challenge, students graduate with the International GCSE and A-Level qualifications which are globally recognised for their academic rigour, flexibility, and breadth of learning.

Our mission is to broaden access to high-quality education globally through technology, ensuring that each student that leaves our school has the confidence to accomplish their goals, and the tools to do it.

World-Class Education