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Find the best fit school for your child!

What kind of education experience could your child really thrive in? Find out the surprising ways in which an online school compares to regular brick and mortar schools!

Not all children are the same - they deserve an education experience that is tailored to their needs

Unfortunately, regular schools are just not optimized to provide a tailored experience for students.

On the other hand, Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is specially designed for the diverse needs of different students – they can study at their own pace, have flexible schedules, small class sizes and extracurricular organisations to support every passion and interest!

Want to know how else CGA compares to regular schools? Download the infographic to find out!

World-Class Education
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What our students have to say:

"My learning at CGA is definitely very different from the classic lecture and tutorial style at school, which can be disengaging sometimes, as class sizes can range from minimum 25 students up to an entire hall of hundreds of people. I fully recommend CGA for anyone who is ambitious and wishes to go the extra mile in their studies and pursue their passion" - Basil, CGA student from Singapore

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World-class Education, Online.

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a fully-registered international online high school offering live, real-time classes to students all around the world - anytime, anywhere. Designed to challenge, students graduate with the International GCSE and A-Level qualifications which are globally recognised for their academic rigour, flexibility, and breadth of learning.

Our mission is to broaden access to high-quality education globally through technology, ensuring that each student that leaves our school has the confidence to accomplish their goals, and the tools to do it.

World-Class Education
Created By CGA
Created By CGA