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AP Microeconomics




College Equivalency

Course Overview

Study the principles of economics that apply to the behavior of individuals within an economic system. You’ll use graphs, charts, and data to analyze, describe, and explain economic concepts.

Skills You'll Learn

  • Define economic principles and models
  • Explain given economic outcomes
  • Determine outcomes of specific economic situations
  • Model economic situations using graphs or visual representations
Mathematics Overview

Equivalency and Prerequisites

Exam Overview

The AP Microeconomics Exam will test your understanding of the economic concepts covered in the course, as well as your ability to define economic principles and models; explain given economic outcomes; determine outcomes of specific economic situations; and model economic situations using graphs or visual representations.


2 hours 10 minutes


Paper (in school) or Digital (in school and at home)


Section 1 | Multiple Choice | 60 questions Section 2 | Free Response | 3 questions

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