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Guide to International GCSE English Literature

Interprating and evaluating English Literature

What is International GCSE English Literature?

The study of English Literature aims to engage students to develop their ability to read, examine, and respond to a wide range of literary texts. It’s designed to help develop the necessary skills needed for literary study, to explore cultures of their own - and other societies - and to discover enjoyment in reading literature by understanding it’s influence.

What is International GCSE English Literature?

What this guide covers

Our guide to International GCSE English Literature provides answers to many common questions and queries that both parents and students have about the subject.

From learning outcomes to examinations to study tips - this guide is comprehensive and aims to highlight all the reasons you should study International GCSE English Literature.

Examination Format
Examination Format

How many examinations are there? How long are they? How are they graded?

Examination Tips & Tricks
Examination Advice

While difficulty does progress as you make your way, the “hardest” questions are not always at the end!

Studying International GCSE Mathematics
Study Tips

Experimenting with different writing styles or structures can improve your writing drastically!

Text Tips

From Poetry to Prose to Shakespeare, we've collected a number of tips to help you with various texts studied throughout the course.

Who is this guide for?

Our guide is suitable for parents, as well as students, who are looking to get a greater understanding of the International GCSE English Literature curriculum.

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