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The Pathway to the World of Finance

Are you passionate about finance but lack the resources and support at your school? Find out how you can start your journey today.
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Are you passionate about finance but finding a lack of resources and support at your school? Do you want to explore the depths of investments, hedge funds, stock markets, and how to build a portfolio?

The idea of working amongst the world’s biggest investment firms is an exciting thought to many students.

The problem is that many New Zealand high school students are not properly equipped with the tools and resources to thrive in a career in finance, later down the road. There are little to no finance curriculums available to students in high school. This leaves many students without the opportunity to explore their interests and develop their financial skills prior to joining university. Many students never realise the wealth of opportunity available to them in this space until it’s too late!

At Crimson Global Academy, we acknowledge that finance, like any other career pathway, necessitates early preparation and strategy to reach the top. Successful students prepare for medical school early on in their high school careers and we believe students aspiring to attain top level jobs in investment banking, private equity, and other areas of the financial space should do the same.

How can you start preparing in high school?

Whether you’re passionate about a career in finance or want to explore if it’s right for you, early preparation begins with the curriculum and subjects you choose in high school.

CGA goes wider

Mathematics, Business Studies, Economics & English are considered the foundational subjects of Business. On top of good grades, it’s imperative that you consider the number of subjects you study and whether you could be studying ahead of your year level.

CGA goes deeper

It's imperative that the curriculum you've chosen is both rigorous and flexible. A-Level courses offer students an opportunity to tackle more difficult content than NCEA. As a result, these students report feeling better prepared and less stressed during their first year of medicine.

The After School Accelerator for Finance

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an after school program that prepares you for a career in Finance? The answer is Crimson Global Academy Our after school accelerator equips students with the tools and resources to develop their financial skills through our A-level curriculum, industry-leading extracurricular clubs & some of NZ's top teachers. CGA is the school for after school.

Some of our extracurricular clubs

CGA builds a strong academic foundation for students and then lets them put that knowledge into practical projects. At CGA, you could be a part of:
Investment Club
Internship Options
Model UN
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  • Investment Club

    Club members learn about the global investment market and dive into topics like electric vehicles and the automotive industry, exploring companies such as Tesla. They also participate in stock market challenges using mock portfolios, competing with students al over the world.

  • Internship Opportunities

    CGA has partnered with leading international companies, to offer top performing CGA students exclusive internship opportunities. This exposes students to real work insights and recommendations from top corporates, whilst still in high school.

  • Model UN

    Model UN gives students a chance to learn about different countries, increase their awareness of international relations and the United Nations and most importantly to think critically about issues from multiple perspectives. At a Model UN conference, students play the role of diplomats and work with other delegates from high schools around the world to devise solutions to some of the most pressing global issues. Through these experiences, students develop such academic and life skills as research, writing, public speaking, consensus building, conflict resolution, compromise and cooperation. Model UN students often go on to become great leaders in politics, law, business, education, and even medicine.

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After School Accelerator

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