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The Pathway to Medicine

Did you know A-Level and IB students get into medicine at a higher rate than students studying local curriculum? Find out how you can boost your chances by taking online A-Level science classes after school.
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What does it take to get into Med School?

Every year, thousands of students take the first step towards a career in medicine by applying to medical schools. It’s no easy feat - first-year medicine in Australia and New Zealand universities is extremely competitive. Students are assessed on their performance in first-year science and introductory medicine courses, UCAT performance, and an in-depth interview. This is where early preparation can be massively beneficial. Any of these elements on its own can be tough; however, students who have covered some of the introductory course material at high school are better placed to excel throughout the year

We can’t stress enough the importance of preparing early and making sure you’re well prepared to tackle the hurdles that lie ahead in the path you’ve chosen.

The problem is that many high school students are not aware of the curriculum & subjects they should be choosing in high school to prepare. We’re here to help!

How can you start preparing in high school?

Early preparation for med school begins with the curriculum and subjects you choose in high school. This will help lay the groundwork for success later in the admissions process.

Building on content taught in NCEA will introduce you to concepts that you are going to face at university, giving you one less thing to worry about as you tackle the crazy first-year journey. 

CGA goes wider

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths & English are subjects that will scale well on your application to Medical School. As an NCEA student, taking NZQA Scholarship is highly advisable, but taking an additional A Level Chemistry or Biology course on top of that will put you in an excellent position to thrive once you get to university.

CGA goes deeper

IB and A Level science courses, particularly chemistry, offer students an opportunity to tackle more difficult content than NCEA. As a result, these students report feeling better prepared and less stressed during their first year of medicine.

The After School Accelerator for Medicine

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an after-school program that prepares you for med school? The answer is Crimson Global Academy Study A-level science subjects, after-school, and be in a better position for med school. We can also help you with your med school application.

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